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Green Bay Packers,
American professional gridiron football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. One
of the most-storied franchises in the history of the sport, the Packers have
won the most championships, 13 in total, of any National Football League (NFL) team.

In 1919 Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun organized a group of men into a football team that soon managed a winning record against other amateur teams from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Lambeau, a shipping clerk for the Indian Packing Company, convinced his employer to donate money for the uniforms and, in the process, lent the nickname “Packers” to the team. With Lambeau serving as head coach and playing halfback, in 1921 the Packers entered the recently formed American Professional Football Association, which a year later would become the NFL. However, the team struggled with financial problems to the point of having to forfeit an entire season. In 1923 the team became a publicly owned nonprofit corporation supported by the people of Wisconsin and has remained so ever since.

green bay packers

Despite their rough
financial start, the Packers won three consecutive championships from 1929 to
1931, with lineups that were laden with future Hall of Famers, including tackle
Cal Hubbard, guard Mike Michalske, and halfback John (“Blood”) McNally. In 1935
the team added Don Hutson, who proceeded to redefine the wide receiver position
and helped the Packers win championships in 1936, 1939, and 1944. Lambeau—who
stopped playing for the team in 1929—stepped away from head coaching duties in
1949, and the team struggled for wins throughout the next decade: the Packers
posted a losing record seven times between 1950 and 1958.

The team’s most
successful period was in the 1960s, under the legendary coach Vince Lombardi,
who had been hired in 1959. Lombardi’s Packer teams in the ’60s were stocked
with talent, boasting future Hall of Fame players on offense and defense:
quarterback Bart Starr, fullback Jim Taylor, halfback Paul Hornung, tackle
Forrest Gregg, linebacker Ray Nitschke, end Willie Davis, tackle Henry Jordan,
cornerback Herb Adderley, and safety Willie Wood. They won championships in
1961 and 1962 and followed with three straight championships starting in the
1965–66 season. On January 15, 1967, in the inaugural Super Bowl, the Packers
defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35–10. They successfully defended their Super
Bowl title the following year against the Oakland Raiders, 33–14.

Lombardi left the
Packers after their second Super Bowl championship, and Green Bay entered into
a long period of relative futility, with just two play-off appearances in the
25 seasons between 1968 and 1992. Some of the team’s scarce highlights during
that period included the play of Hall of Fame wide receiver James Lofton, who
starred for Green Bay from 1978 to 1986, and (ultimately unsuccessful) coaching
stints by past Packers greats Starr and Gregg.

In 1992 the Packers
brought in head coach Mike Holmgren and quarterback Brett Favre, who were the
key pieces in the team’s renaissance in the 1990s. Beginning in 1993, Green Bay
qualified for the postseason in six straight years, including two NFC
championships and subsequent trips to the Super Bowl. The team’s third Super
Bowl appearance, in 1997, was a success: they defeated the New England Patriots
35–21. However, they did not repeat their win the following year against the
Denver Broncos. After that loss Holmgren left the Packers for a job with the
Seattle Seahawks, but the team remained a play-off contender into the 21st
century. Favre acrimoniously left the Packers in 2008, and the Packers’ offense
was given over to young star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In 2011 Rodgers
guided the sixth-seeded Packers to three postseason road victories—including a
win over their longtime rival the Chicago Bears in the NFC championship game—to
earn a berth in Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers, whom the
Packers defeated to capture their fourth Super Bowl championship. The Packers
won their first 13 games of the 2011 season en route to finishing the year with
a 15–1 record. The team was a heavy favourite to win its second consecutive
Super Bowl but was upset at home by the New York Giants in Green Bay’s first
play-off game.

The team returned to
the NFC championship game following the 2014 season but lost in heartbreaking
fashion to the Seattle Seahawks after the Packers held a 12-point lead with
just over two minutes to play in regulation. The team was once again painfully
eliminated from the postseason the following year when Rodgers led a thrilling
96-yard drive with under a minute left to tie a divisional play-off game
against the Arizona Cardinals only to see Arizona win the contest just three
plays into overtime. In 2016 Rodgers led the Packers to six straight wins to
close out the regular season and win a division title. His strong play
continued in the play-offs, where he guided the team to a surprising appearance
in the NFC championship game (a loss to the Atlanta Falcons). Rodgers missed
nine games of the 2017 season with a broken collarbone, and, without the team’s
star quarterback for much of the season, Green Bay’s streak of eight
consecutive postseason appearances ended.

From 1933 to 1994 the
Packers elected to play some of their home games each year in Milwaukee to
benefit from the larger market. Beginning in 1995, all home games were played
at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, notwithstanding that city’s small size (it did
not exceed 100,000 residents until 2000) compared with virtually all other
cities that have NFL franchises.

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Oakland Raiders, American
professional gridiron football team based
in Oakland, California, that plays in the National Football
League (NFL). The Raiders have won three Super Bowl championships
(1977, 1981, and 1984), one American Football League (AFL) championship (1967),
and four American Football Conference (AFC) titles. Viewed by many as the
“villains” of the NFL because of their historic tendency for rough play, the
Raiders embody the motto coined by longtime owner Al Davis: “Just
win, baby.”

The Raiders were founded in 1960 as one of the eight original teams of the AFL. After three losing seasons, the franchise hired Davis in 1963 to serve as the team’s head coach and general manager. He implemented a “vertical” passing attack, which relied on long throws downfield to stretch the opposing defense, and quickly turned the team into a contender. After a three-month stint as AFL commissioner in 1966, Davis became a part-owner of the Raiders and began buying out (and, in some cases, forcing out) the other owners, ultimately gaining complete control of the team in 1976.

oakland riders

With an offense starring quarterback Daryle Lamonica and
centre Jim Otto, the Raiders won the AFL championship in December 1967, a
victory that sent the team to its first Super Bowl the following January (a
loss to the Green
Bay Packers
). John Madden was
hired as head coach in 1969, and under his guidance the Raiders became an elite
team, posting consecutive winning seasons during Madden’s 10-year tenure with
the team and taking the franchise’s first Super Bowl (1977).
It was during this period that the Raiders forged an image as a team of tough,
take-no-prisoners players—such as future Hall of Fame offensive linemen Jim
Otto, Gene
, and Art Shell; linebacker Ted (“the Stork”) Hendricks; defensive
end Ben Davidson; and cornerback Willie Brown—who would occasionally cross the
line into dirty play. Those teams also featured an additional trio of future
Hall of Fame players in tight end Dave Casper, kicker George
, and wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff, as well as fiery
quarterback Ken (“the Snake”)
. Madden’s successor, Tom Flores (who was the Raiders’ first
starting quarterback), shepherded the team to another Super Bowl victory
in 1981.

Davis had been long upset about the conditions of the Raiders’
home stadium when, in 1980, he signed a memorandum of agreement promising to
move the franchise to Los
. The NFL blocked the move, but Davis won a landmark antitrust
lawsuit against the league in 1982, and the Raiders immediately relocated. The
team qualified for the playoffs in each of their first four seasons in Los
Angeles, which included another Super Bowl title in 1984. The teams of the
1980s featured three future Hall of Famers—running back Marcus Allen, defensive
lineman Howie Long, and cornerback Mike Haynes—and multisport sensation Bo Jackson, who
excelled in both Major
League Baseball
 and the NFL.

Davis soured on the stadium in Los Angeles over the years, and he
moved the franchise back to Oakland in 1995. The Raiders struggled in the years
after their second move, but, behind a high-powered offense led by quarterback
Rich Gannon and wide receivers Tim Brown and Jerry Rice, they
advanced to the Super Bowl in 2003, which they lost to the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers
. From 2003 to 2015 the franchise was marked by a lack of success
on the field, poor personnel decisions, and a fractious front office, all of
which considerably damaged the famed Raiders’ mystique.

In 2016 Oakland suddenly turned the corner, winning 12 games and
qualifying for a playoff spot, but it was a short-lived turnaround, and the
Raiders fell back to 10 losses the following year. In 2018 the Raiders rehired
head coach Jon
 (who had previously coached the team from 1998 to 2001),
giving him the longest and richest coaching contract in NFL history, but the
team posted a 4–12 record in his first season back at the helm.

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expectation from a fighting game is about the same: Smoother combos, special
moves, mouth-blowing death strokes … And if there’s an average story mode on
them, it’s okay for us.

Things change a little when it’s Injustice. Obviously I have never heard anything from anyone’s mouth ıcı hopefully combats, special movements are fluent. The only subject to focus on was story mode, treated as a Role Play. We’re not wrong. Injustice: Gods Among Us has impressed us so much that our expectations from the fighting games have changed. And when a full 10-volume comic book story was added, Injustice became one of the most important games in recent years.

injustice 2

In the first game,
the Joker poisoned Superman, causing him to hallucinate, and Superman killed
his wife Lois Lane, who was pregnant with his own child. A nuclear bomb
connected to the heartbeats of Lois Lane had just blown up Metropolis. Furious,
Superman killed the Joker and began the execution of all the super villains.
Those who confirmed Superman’s actions were with him, and those who did not
approve of his were confronted by Batman. At the end of the first game, Batman
somehow managed to stop Superman and put him in a special prison for him. The
second game starts here. Desperate for Brainiac to come to invade Earth, Batman
remains dilemma about whether to free Superman, the only person who can stop
Brainiac. We’re watching what’s open. The story of Injustice 2 was a perfect
game with combat systems and cinematics. Especially if you’ve played the first
game and read comics, you can play and finish in a breath.

In 2017, I don’t know
how to praise the graphics of a game, but for me, the graphics of Injustice 2
are quite impressive. You can finish the game with your friends without playing
any breath. After a while you’ll notice that no one wants to play, everyone
wants to sit back and watch this awesome story! The reason is the cinematics
that are shown in combat. I thought it was so enormous that I used to be a real
player! Especially the characters’ eyes are scrumptious. Sometimes face
expressions and glances are in the capacity of 20 sentences. In the scenes of
Batman, the appearance of mimics and eyes has deepened the story. As a result,
two of your best friends, Batman and Superman are hostile to each other. When
Supergirl enters the work, the sensuality increases and you can find yourself
screaming at the television (or monitor) in an instant. If Warner Bros. I
would’ve had a better response than Batman v Superman.

Of course the game is
not just about the story. NetherRealms also managed to develop the fighting
system. Obviously my expectation was that the engine and combat system of
Mortal Kombat X would be used. But they changed the system and they did a great
job. I can say with pleasure that Injustice 2 has the best fighting system ever
made. Combs and special movements are so organically connected to each other
that you are sometimes asked to distinguish which one is the special movement. They
brought in a truly flawless system. Each player’s approach to fighting game and
strategy is different. Some of the combo by making some special moves to beat
their opponents, this is also restrictive. Injustice 2 solved this by
introducing the article system.

The items with four
different features have both replaced the costumes and allowed us to adjust our
character in the way we want. There are different items for lovers of combo and
different items for those who want to play with special moves. The players, who
have embraced the philosophy of the best attack, are not forgotten. I don’t
think it would be wrong to say that Injustice 2 is more like a Role-Playing
Game than a fighting game.

As can be seen from
the name, the multiverse takes place in different worlds in the infinite
parallel universes. I’ve seen the highest Earth-132, which means there are at
least 132 different Worlds. Each world remains open for a certain period of
time and changes in rotation. There are averages of 5 Ladders per world and
each one has different levels. When you finish these Worlds, you win several
prizes, boxes of items, and a cinematic showing the end of the story of the
character you finish. It will take dozens of hours to play Multiverse with each
character just for watching these cinematics. Injustice 2 really offers a lot
of content, and these contents aren’t sloppy, but they’ve spent a lot of

Injustice 2 is more
like an interactive movie than a fighting game. The game also plays an amazing
pleasure. It is one of the best games and gameplay that has been released in
recent years.

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Boom Beach New Tab for Google Chrome

Boom Beach is one of
the few applications in the Google Play Store with over 50 million downloads in
free games. Our game is about 79 MB in size and can be downloaded without wifi.
You can find the following screen by typing Boom Beach in the Play Store search
section or by clicking on the Download button below and using the Upload
button, we can start the installation of the game for our mobile device.

After the download and installation process of our game is finished, we are logged in by clicking on the shortcut between our main screen or applications. In the first entry screen of our game developed by Super Cell, we encounter a user agreement indicating in-app purchases. Click on the OK button on this screen and then go to the profiling step in order to access our game from other devices. Then click on the Create and then Sign In links, we start to follow the brief introduction called intro.


We can switch the
intro steps one by one by touching the screen continuously. After the
demonstration is over, you will have some guidance for the first build task.
These are explained below as:

1.) The amount of
gold you have. With these golds, the soldier can take the necessary steps to
get the tank and develop the skill, pay the workers to cut materials like trees,
stones in your area.

2.) The amount of
wood you have. You can make new constructions by using these woods and make
your union become stronger by meeting new technologies.

3.) The amount of
diamond you have. The diamonds are sold in exchange for money. You can
accumulate it without using these diamonds in the game you started with 50
diamonds, you can increase the number quickly by adding bonus diamonds given
every day from the islands navigation screen. These diamonds are useful in many
points of the game, such as time acceleration, missing material completion.

4.) Using this button
which is the hammer’s picture, we can reach all the structures that we will
build in-game, as long as our level permits and we have enough materials to
start building.

The first task given
to us in the game; It’s a sniper tower we’re going to do to defend our enemies.
In exchange for building this tower in the area indicated by the green arrow:

100 Pieces of Wood

5 Seconds Duration

It says to be used.
In the lower right corner; The data indicated by 0/1 is; Sniper Tower is the
building limit. So; We have 1 construction limit in total and we will use it
now. The higher the level, the higher the limits. After the tower construction
is over, the computer-led forces will carry out a small attack on your island,
so you don’t have to worry because this attack will only be for the purpose of
introducing you to the game.

At the end of the
attack, the enemy commander of the enemy will throw threats at you, but it is
strange that during the game we will have no relation with the forces owned by
this commander. Once we have succeeded in returning the attack, we will be
asked to build a landing ship and put troops in it to be able to wage war on
other islands and to bring freedom to them. The instructions in the game will
help you to do so easily.

We built our landing
ships and put our troops in it. It is time to declare war on other islands and
bring freedom, for this; We click on the compass sign that appears at the
bottom right of the screen and open our map. As we level up and improve our
radar system, the map will grow and our targets will grow. By clicking on the
enemy base area indicated by the green arrow, we must lower the troops on the
landing ships and destroy the buildings on the enemy territory using the heavy
weapons on our attack ship.

If you succeed at the
end of the attack on enemy territory, the occupying forces will leave the area
and the local people will reward you with some valuable materials (wood, stone,
gold, iron) for helping them to get their freedom.

After we return to
our home base, we’ll see that the screen gets a little crowded. Approaching the
port, the sandal and the golden symbol on it; the people of the village we have
just saved shows the tax paid to us every hour. We can collect by clicking on
the boat. By clicking on the icons on the home and carpenter’s house in our own
land, we can collect the accumulated gold and wood loot. As our level
progresses, we will be able to build new houses, carpenters, as well as iron
and stone quarries.

As a result, Boom
Beach was a game where you gave battles to protect and develop your own area
and your living space, and you could not stop playing it.

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Far Cry 5 New Tab for Google Chrome

One of the best open
world games Ubisoft has ever done: Welcome to Hope Town. Hope Town is captured
by an extreme right-wing sect named Eden’s Gate. Joseph Seed, his three
brothers in this town; Jacob divided it between John and Faith. They each
manage different parts of the town with iron fists. There is a different rebel
community in each region, but they are all under the influence of the gradually
increasing influence of the brothers.

 That’s where we come in. At the beginning of the game we are going to put pressure on Joseph Seed’s place with a federal police, a sheriff and two deputy sheriffs. Next to the sheriff, who served as a rookie does not speak like the old games? We can even choose her sex. Far Cry 5’s spectacular first 20 minutes, the tone and theme of the game successfully reveals. The followers of Joseph Seed have completely accepted the story of Eden Pands Gate ok the end of the world is coming , and after our raid, the arrow comes out, Pandora’s Box opens.

far cry 5

Although I liked Far
Cry 4, after finishing the game I thought to myself that it was nice, but I
didn’t want to play one like that. Climb the towers; all he did with the radio
to fight you with the 2-D enemy, hollow side missions and activities to a level
that would satisfy me and after the 4th game had reached the satisfaction
point. Although Far Cry 5 does not write this formula from the outset, he makes
a new breath, as does big and small changes to the series, just like he did
with Origins Assassins Creed.

Of course, our main
goal in the game is to destroy the influence of Joseph Seed in the town, but in
order for this half-god half-prophet at the head of this gigantic cult to take
you seriously, you have to hit him where he has suffered: that is, you must
damage his brothers and sisters in the town. When you enter areas controlled by
Jacob, John and Faith, you find yourself in the midst of desperate struggles
between rebel troops and followers of Eden’s Gate. As you damage Eden’s Gate,
your rebel-meter is full. At the end, you’re fighting the brother and saving
the area.

Although this
damage-making mechanics seems to be passed through inexpensive side quests and
activities at first glance, the quality side quests we see in Origins have
found a place in Far Cry 5. After each police station you seized, the NPCs next
to you in this place emerges. These NPCs give you tasks that require you to do
the bring-in for that outpost and direct you to the nifty side-rotating NPCs behind
it. The game is full of tasks that are known to work on. The fact that these
tasks are given by NPCs, which are not NPC number 1-2-3, and that they are all
coming together with a solid story package, is the most important feature that
Ubisoft wants to create.

I’ve never been to
the United States before, but as far as I can see on film and television, a
classic little American town should be just like Hope Town. People fishing by
the river, friends camping in the forest, sunbathing in front of their homes in
small settlements, beer blasters and longitudinal farmland. Ubisoft was able to
project the sensation of the world of live games that he could not cure for
many years, after Origins, with Far Cry 5.

This living world is
not created by the atmosphere of the game alone. The main villains in the
previous game usually consisted of 2-dimensional characters that were just
scary looking at you from the screen. But Ubisoft has managed to create more
evil with their own plans, ideas that they want to tell you and make you
believe. John, the youngest in the family, is the one who has lost his mind
with sin-sin and punishment. Jacob, a former soldier, is interested in the
attack power of the operation and his purpose is to purify the world from the
weak. Faith is in charge of the production of the gas named Bliss with a kind
of flower in Hope Town and the brain of Eden’s Gate followers.

All of the brothers’
regions have unique geographical features. Jacob’s controlled northern part
consists mainly of mountainous and hard terrain, while the parties of John and
Faith include farmland and rivers. Your struggle with the brothers and every
action you take to reduce their impact, after a while, causes the brothers to
react. With Bliss, you can see Faith’s descent from the sky or you may be
kidnapped by Jacob’s hunters as you head around a million. Your rebel-meter is
divided into three levels, and when you reach each level, the brothers become
even more frequent in those regions. You push, they push back. This was a design
choice that kept the recovery mechanics alive.

If you like Far Cry
5, you can also play co-op with a friend. This time, not only the open world,
the main and side missions are also open to co-op gameplay. Alone here is an
important point, the main task progress is only for the player who host the
game. If you go into someone else’s game and do the main tasks, you will lose
these advances when you return to your own game.

Far Cry 5 is another
mode that comes with the already impressive package of Far Cry Arcade. This
mode, which you can play as single and multiplayer, is essentially a map
creation plugin. You can capture objects you use to create maps from previous
Far Cry games and Ubisoft games like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. You can
also use the percussion and cosmetics that your main character opens in story
mode in Arcade mode.

I can very clearly
say that I did not expect to play a new Ubisoft masterpiece after such a giant construction
like Assassin  Creed Origins. But the
crazy French, just like in Origins, has drawn the Far Cry series from the depth
and simplicity. If you want to do all the side quests and activities one by
one, you will find a game that exceeds 40 hours.

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Panda New Tab for Google Chrome

Panda is a
herbivorous animal in the mammalian class. But giant pandas are known to be
herbivorous and carnivorous. Pandas are one of the extinct animal species.
Panda pups are born with an average weight of 100 grams. Puppies are very small
compared to adult pandas. The size of the adult pandas is approximately 1.5 m.
Newborn pandas need breastfeeding every 2 hours. When they are three months
old, they start walking. Panda puppies become 50 kg when they are 1.5 years
old. Because their teeth are strong enough to eat bamboo. They spend about 14
hours of the day eating bamboo.

In the wild, it is believed that there were 1000 panda animals in the wild and 100 in the zoos. Most of these endangered animals now live in bamboo forests. So she prefers to live on the foggy, rainy mountain foothills of southwest China. The giant panda, the carnivorous panda, lives in the Himalayas. Pandas have tail lengths of approximately 25 cm. He loves to see these animals all over the world, he loves. These animals with their cheeks plump live with their mother. Every panda in the world belongs to China. China rents pandas to other countries. The pandas resemble bears in body form, but they are most similar to raccoons.


There are usually two
strategies for hunters in hunting: combat or escape. Many hunters prefer to
escape from their predators, because predators are often more complex and
deadly weapons than their prey: claws, teeth, muscles, and so on … Unlike the
ones we’re used to in bears, pandas are animals that can fall prey. Normally
other bear species have no natural predators. However, pandas can be hunted by
coyotes and leopards. Panda puppies can sometimes be caught by tree censors.
Apart from this, there is not a lot of hunters who dare to approach a panda
with their big size.

The pandas are less
aggressive than the other bear cousins ​​and are more incapable of defending
themselves; however, they have many advantages in the evolutionary process.
First of all, we need to mention that pandas are able to inflict extremely
deadly wounds both on their predators and on other living things around them
when they get angry. The teeth of bears are specialized in such a way that they
can easily break the hard bodies of a plant (bamboos) that we can use as
furniture materials due to its durability. These teeth, just like the other
bears, are supported by strong jaws that almost no animal can easily escape. An
example of this can be seen from the penguin Gu Gu in Beijing Zoo. Gu Gu
attacked, each time entering the region without permission and inexperienced 3
visitors, their bodies were taken to the hospital with fatal wounds.

The pandas are a
little shy creatures, they don’t want to enter the areas where people are. This
limits their living space considerably. Unfortunately, as people continue to
settle in higher places in the mountains, the habitat of pandas continues to
shrink. On February 4, Pandas Day was selected for pandas. On that date there
are events for the pandas. Pandas live on Earth for 2-3 million years.
Europeans became aware of the panda animals in 1869.

Pandas live alone
until mating. This situation only changes in April and May. The female pandas
are very selective on the spouse. Since they are an endangered species of
animal, their peers are few. However, female pandas do not like every handsome
panda. If the female panda wants, the male panda can mate. The other obstacles
are that men do not have much time to flirt. Because the female pandas can take
up to 5 or 3 days per year to mate. Pandas have a very special mail soft in black
and white. Some people illegally sell panda fur between 60 thousand and 100
thousand dollars.

No Man’s Sky New Tab for Google Chrome

Time … The illusion that covers every part of us that we use to sustain our lives. And our biggest dream is to walk in time, forward or backward. However, every day, every night, we are not aware of the time we travel at any time. Every night when we look at the sky, we don’t know that we are looking back. We can’t stop dreaming about those stars as we look at romantic stars as if they were still there. Who knows, maybe they’re already gone.

No Man’s Sky presents
us a universe of trillions of stars and trillions of planets, without time
limits. Moreover, the speed of light has an insurmountable wall, nor fear of
disappearing. No Man’s Sky is the only game that gives us a chance of a virtual
reality to be Christopher Columbus. This construction, which has been presented
to us after years of labor by a team that has not even gathered 30 people, puts
a universe that is not seen by the game world in our tiny screens. This
universe is so great that even if you can discover a planet every second, it
takes 585 billion years to travel all the planets in the game, which is 13.8
billion years old. Even if we roughly make a calculation, we give a computer to
the hands of all the people in the world, and if they all go around No Man’s
Sky in 7 days 24 hours by exploring a new planet every second, we need 73 years
to discover everything again. In short, if you say I want to see all the game
in the game, let me say, stay away!

Now let’s explain the
situation to friends who have little knowledge of No Man’s Sky, because how can
you think of trillions of planets in a game? I know you’re coming back with
questions like. None of the trillions of planets we have mentioned are not
prepared by the No Man’s Sky team. So instead of giving fish to No Man’s Sky,
the crew taught him how to fish. No Man’s Sky has its own artificial
intelligence; its own planets, solar systems, plants, nature, landforms,
intelligent life forms, their languages, etc. can create many things. This is
technically called “Procedural Generation.” We experienced this
example in a production that we all know, like Minecraft. Each time you create
a new map, the game was re-creating the current world. The difference of No
Man’s Sky is the creation of the whole universe rather than a map.

In many of your
minds, how creative can an artificial intelligence be? After a while I don’t
want to see the same things, I know the thoughts are going through. However, No
Man’s Sky team is quite assertive about this. As we have seen, No Man’s Sky
blends the specific patterns that it possesses with great mastery and produces
small pieces of art. So every planet you go on is really different from one
another. But here is a point to underline. You may be disappointed if you
expect a lot of this diversity. No Man’s Sky’s planets look alike, both yes and
no. Yes, because a planet may be different from one to another, a question

But if you really go
to Venus and then Mars, the differences between them are no different from No
Man’s Sky. And no, because when you land on a different planet, all the
environment, color palette, environment, place shapes, plants, mountains,
stones, plains, seas … different. Now, in addition to all these differences,
you have no chance of seeing the different types of creatures, spider-footed,
head-like, half-asses. The situation in intelligent life forms is similar.
Although all the intelligent life forms we see in general have two legs and two
arms, many are ugly enough to enter your dream at night. So don’t expect the
Elves to see the angels in No Man’s Sky, you may be disappointed. But when it
comes to billions of different potential life forms, nothing should be said to
be impossible. Exploring the ocean of possibilities is already a great
experience that will truly amaze you.

No Man’s Sky is the biggest
allure. The most prominent feature that the game offers you is unlimited
discovery and endless difference. With such a small team, it is a situation
that is really appreciated if they get up from such a big job. In addition,
Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has already stated that he is in
control of the game and that there are hundreds of things they want to do in
the future. Murray, who wants to use the advantage of being an independent
studio to the fullest, states in the future that they want to bring features
such as land vehicles, region building, multi-player support with full meaning.
In other words, No Man’s Sky can be quite different in the next 1-2 years.
Moreover, Sean Murray said the updates will be free.

After talking about
the general lines of No Man’s Sky, I want to tell you the story of the game. No
Man’s Sky’s story is: No Man’s Sky has no particular story. There is actually,
but it’s so mysterious and in the background that you need a much longer time
to explore. But the game is not purposeful, we have a goal. The goal is to go
to the center of the galaxy. What’s in the center of the galaxy? We do not
know. But it is not hard to imagine that it is worth seeing. In the journey we
made towards the center of the galaxy, a “something” called Atlas
helps us. Well, I’m saying because we cannot call a person a concern, an
artificial intelligence, not a group or a dream … Atlas simply tells us to
obey him and help us in return. This help takes us to the center of the galaxy.

Now when I wrote this
review, I was very, very early in the way. But I already have some predictions
of what might happen at the center. Who knows, maybe the only planet in the
center that was hand-made by No Man’s Sky team, maybe a gigantic black hole,
and in “Why?” The answer to the question, maybe nothing … The only
advice I can give you here, don’t, don’t, but don’t go around where you can
find this answer on the Internet. The slightest spoiler you can get is the
biggest taste of the game.

No Man’s Sky is a failed
game. No Man’s Sky is just making an avalanche growing up under expectations.
If Hello Games doesn’t stop developing the game, if Sean Murray grabs his
promises, a more detailed multiplayer mode is prepared, and our hot coffee
isn’t missing at home, No Man’s Sky is as relaxing and successful as we can
stretch our feet and leave ourselves to the infinite space of the universe
after coming from work.

Undertale New Tab for Google Chrome

Undertale thinks that the universe or the story is quite deep, and you’re mistaken if you think that the gamers cannot fit the game in the sky. As a matter of fact, you may find in Undertale’s story the most fantastic game that has become mainstream. People and creatures live in peace on earth lands in time. However, as a result of a war that broke out, two races fought and people won. Human beings imprison the creatures under the ground and prevent them from getting out through a magical barrier. One day, our main character falls into the underground world where creatures live and starts his adventure to find ways to return home. From this point on, our main character meets Toriel, who acts as his mother from the moment he falls. Toriel’s protectionist instinct can also prevent you from playing the game when it is necessary, as I am making a serious mother of the Toriel character.

Undertale’s graphics
are entirely made of pixel art. You can keep yourself away from the game, but
Undertale has to be entirely composed of pixels. For example, if you think
about how The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will look like pixel art instead of realism,
you can easily understand what I mean. We have to congratulate Toby Fox on
developing the game. Because Undertale’s character drawing and animations,
characters have expressed the feelings and feelings very successfully. You
can’t even see this quality in games with motion capture graphics.

I suggest you ignore
the simple appearance of character designs left from the NES period. Because
each character (really every character) has its own story and the drawings of
the characters reflect their stories very successfully. Toby Fox has designed
the side characters’ communication with you so well that you can feel that the
characters don’t actually act to make the game a whole, but you really need to
exist at that point of the game. Each character has his or her own troubles,
treasures and happiness. When the place comes, you can have nice moments with
the smiling Sans, you can listen to Toriel’s mom’s advice when it comes to you
and enter into entertaining dialogs with Papyrus when it comes to.

Undertale’s gameplay
is part of every game. Basically puzzles, adventure and RPG elements that bring
together the game playing never bored. The puzzles in the game were neither
difficult nor very easy. There are puzzles you can finish without having a
nervous breakdown, but you can’t easily cross over the RYO system of the game
is quite successful. Undertale with more than one end is very possible to reach
different end of the game thanks to very fine detail decisions.

 Fighting mechanics, as we encountered in JRYO
games more, as you can fight against as long as an enemy is designed. In the
moments of war, you shoot at the enemy with each other in turn, but you can get
rid of the enemy by means of the so-called bullet – hell or the moments you
have to keep a particular pointer on a point. Bullet – I have no particular
interest in games of hell. But when the enemies have rained you objects, you
have to make a lot of effort when it comes to avoid damage to the heart you
have. When you’re on the line, you can attack the enemy with the attack command
or flee the battle with the Flee command.

Unlike other RPG
games in Undertale, you can progress without killing anyone. When a creature
tries to attack you, you can talk to him through the act command and make him
feel better by complimenting him. If you can’t solve the job by talking, you
have to go through the attack. However, after the attacks again, Mercy command
to live and don’t kill the creature. You can earn gold by forgiving the
creatures, but you cannot earn by forgetting the experience points you earned
after you killed. The character development will be shaped in this regard.
Because you must remember that every creature you kill will affect the story in
the background.

In this section I want to draw attention to the mechanics of the game. In most
RPG games you have a chance to forgive an enemy you are fighting and change the
story. However, the attitude of the enemies you have decided to forgive
Undertale is written in a way that is very interesting. Likewise, you can
notice the warmth of the game that will heat your interior. To understand why
Undertale is so good, it’s a unique and enormous masterpiece, you have to play
the game yourself. I don’t know the last time you shook hands when you tried to
fight a fight. If that’s hard for you personally, Undertale teaches you well.
In short, the game teaches how violent the natures of human beings are, but at
the same time they should stay away from violence.

I’m not going to go
without saying that the game is perfect. There are exactly 101 pieces in the
game. It’s said that Toby Fox composed and put it all on his own. I can say
that they are all very high quality. Almost all of today’s games are similar to
each other. If you think the games are almost the same and you get lost from
the games, you should know that your prescription is Undertale.

Available in the Chrome Store

Cuphead New Tab for Google Chrome

Have you ever had a
target of getting bored with life? That’s the question I have to ask before
starting the review, because Cuphead will give you the pleasure according to
the answer to the question I ask. If that’s my answer to your question,’’ yes! ‘’,
you can start reading the rest of my review and find out what challenging boss
battles with Cuphead have to me. Also, if your answer is something negative,
like I don’t want, you can go on again. Because the question I asked was not a
negative thing about the game. I’d like to tell you this for a long time.

What is Cuphead?

I think this is the first question to be asked. Cuphead is the game that takes us to a challenging universe with the theme of the old cartoon aroma. The boss battles, including platform sections and small games, welcome us in the game. On September 29, 2017, the game was produced by the StudioMDHR Entertainment.

Only available on
Xbox One and PC platforms, Cuphead is presented with an interesting story and
really cute characters. Even though it makes you crazy, it is not possible to
hate even those annoying bosses where you can feel the creativity of the
developer team. Not only the enemies, but also the voices and voices made as
magnificent as the character design. I’ll talk about why we like the content
I’ve already mentioned.

Now, it is not
possible to say much about the gameplay offered by Cuphead. Therefore, I would
like to point out that you should not expect a part of the gameplay that I can
tell very long. Game, the player has presented to the gameplay, I will begin to
tell immediately. First of all, the game story, let me talk about it, is
already too short.

The main characters
of our main characters, Cuphead and his closest friend, Mugman, are trying to
get the souls of the wicked so that the devil cannot take the soul of these two
friends. Remember the Contra? You know, in the ’90s and early 2000s, you were
remembered as one of the most frequently played games on the console where we
found 1000s of games in a single cassette called the “Atari”. As the
gameplay of Cuphead, I can show you Contra. Sure, they don’t look exactly like
each other.

Let me continue
immediately. When you play the one-man mode of the game, that old cartoons in
the game, we expect more than one various sections. Of course, in general, the
game is focused on boss battles. In fact, as far as I can see, all bosses have
more than one stage, and each stage has different abilities. For example,
rather than the later stages of the game, I’ll talk about frogs that come up in
their early stages. In the first stage, one of the frogs is shooting at us and
the other is throwing bees. In stage 2, the tall frog acts as a fan, pushes us
back, and the other throws something that bounces us. The third stage is
annoying and frankly the part that is insane. The frogs turn into a slot
machine and send us all kinds of traps.

The bad part is that
in all boss battles, there are multiple stages and challenging battles. I mean,
it’s not really bad, of course, the word is bad. Otherwise, we cannot say
anything other than to say that the developer team has achieved its purpose.
You may feel like you’re going back to those old hard games we’ve been looking
for a long time. There are no boss battles. The developer team has kept the fan
a bit wider. Platform sections are also in the game and if you ask frankly,
boss battles are not as difficult. It’s still hard, but they don’t have a boss
battle. In addition to being easy, they also give you lots of money, which are
in a serious place.

This is easier than
the boss battles, and you’ve entered the sections of the collection and you’ve
finished picking up the pieces. You’re wondering what you can do with the money
you earn? It helps you buy a variety of skills. These abilities can be given as
examples of 1 extra life-giving projectile, bullets following the enemy,
bullets returning from the same location as boomerang. You can manage your
skills and challenge the enemy according to your style of play.

I haven’t mentioned
the difficulty options in the game, for example, I’ll tell them right away.
Simple and regular have 2 different challenges. Simple mode, seriously easy. If
you win in the Simple difficulty setting, your path opens, but you cannot
collect the spirit, unfortunately. Also, you cannot see the real capacity of
the boss battle. If you’re going to try the Simple difficulty mode to find out
what the boss is like, I can tell you first, it doesn’t even show half the
power of the boss.

Regular difficulty is
a challenge for players who are looking for those tough old games. Every boss
battle turns into a full bullet hell. You don’t understand where it came from
or where it went. The boss you’re fighting, he puts all his strength against
you. This includes more fever, more abilities than in Simple difficulty mode.
They call it the difficulty setting Regular, but this is Hell. If you somehow
manage to win in the Regular difficulty setting, you’re both coming and
collecting the boss’s spirit. With these spirits you collect, you can move to
the next section.

Your eyes are looking
for those old hard games, but if you can’t find the game in the style you want,
I definitely believe that you should definitely give Cuphead a chance to be a
guest. If you are one of those who are not looking for the old hard games, I
would definitely recommend the game again. Cuphead is a game that everybody
should try once.

Available in the Chrome Store

Super Mario Bros u Deluxe New Tab for Google Chrome

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe, as we said before, is the Super Mario Bros. The U game has been
refurbished and adapted for Switch. Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe also features
New Super Luigi U. Thus, the number of episodes that you will play is doubled.

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has a total of five characters. These are Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette and Nabbit. Although Mario, Luigi and Toad play a lot of things, playing with Toadette and Nabbit makes things a little easier. Super Mario Bros. Toadette, our new added character with U Deluxe, is transformed into a Peachette with the Super Crown item you can find in the game, gaining gliding and double-hopping abilities. Nabbit isn’t influenced by the creatures in the game, so the game turns into a platform game you just run straight.

Super Mario Bros.
There are 82 different sections in U Deluxe. These sections are designed on
different themes and their challenges are increasing. In the beginning, you can
find your way through the sections by waving your hand and then trying yourself
for the twentieth time. Particularly in the end of the game, some of the
sections you encounter may cause you to send plenty of greetings to the

If you think you’re a
patient, even, and even if you enjoy pain, Nintendo also thought of you. With
the New Super Luigi U you can play these 82 episodes again, but unlike the
normal sections, your time here is incredibly short and you can’t complete the
episode at the slightest slowness. In New Super Luigi U, your characters can jump
higher but you can’t play with Mario.

In addition to the
tasks in the main story of the game, there are also secret places waiting to be
discovered. If you think there’s a different secret section in almost every
section, you’ll have to play every part over and over again. Super Mario Bros.,
You can play U Deluxe together with your friends for up to four people. Already
the biggest pleasure of the game is also here. By working together at some
points, you can quickly complete the parts, or stay in the middle of complete

Super Mario Bros.’s
one of the biggest problems U Deluxe has is the recording system. In the game
you can only get records after the boss fights. If you play after recording and
you die after a few chapters pass, you are losing your progress. There is also
a Quick Record system in the game, but if you leave the game without using it,
or if the Nintendo Switch is out of charge, you have to play from your last
record. Although it seems like a simple thing, it is not a pleasant experience
to have to play a part where you have to swallow cold sweat.

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe gives 1080p when we connect to a TV unit and 720p when we play in
portable mode. In both modes the game comes with 60 FPS locked. With the
exception of the two troubles experienced by the controls, Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe in general, the game runs on the Nintendo Switch, I can say.

The graphics of the
game stand really great on the Nintendo Switch. Your console is absolutely
successful. But I can’t say what I said about the graphics for the music of the
game. The music of the game is repetitive; it becomes annoying after a point rather
than making you excited.

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe, Super Mario Bros. U successfully conveys the game to the next
generation. If you like pure fun-oriented games and Super Mario Bros. Super
Mario Bros. U Deluxe is really a game to be taken. Especially if you are
playing with your family or friends, one of the best games you can get is Super
Mario Bros. U Deluxe.