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Surprised by Ubisoft,
Far Cry NEW Dawn was able to attract attention, even with the post-apocalyptic
theme. Although it hasn’t been long after Far Cry 5 has been released, how can
it be different from Far Cry 5 to meet a new Far Cry game? It brings the question.
Does the changing theme mean that there are radical changes in gameplay? Let’s
talk briefly about the story of Far Cry NEW Dawn before moving on to the
dynamics of gameplay.

After the apocalypse…

At the end of Far Cry
5, a strange person of the cult leader, listening to his father Joseph Seed’s
song, suddenly witnessed a massive explosion and witnessed that the entire
world was suddenly turned upside down. Far Cry NEW Dawn also starts right after
this point. We are waking up to a world that has been overturned, trying to
understand what has happened in the post-apocalyptic world where a new order
has been established instead of the old order being destroyed.

New order means new
communities, a new currency and new bad. In Far Cry NEW Dawn, there are 3
different communities. One of them is a group of people who can be called
civilians, who try to survive. The other is still a group of disciples who use
more arrows and bows as arms, bound to Joseph Seed. The other is also the
well-armed Highwaymen group, led by Mickey and Lou, the chief villains of the
game. Defending our group of survivors against Highwaymen, taking back the
territories occupied by these gangs and obtaining the new currency of the Far
Cry NEW Dawn, which is called Ethanol, as much as possible from the fuel that
is the new currency, and developing our main base called Prosperity, is our
main goal in the game.

Far Cry NEW Dawn’s
main mechanics is based on trying to develop our main base, Prosperity. In
fact, such that the game directly to the main task to run, without tricking the
story-oriented, you cannot say I’ll hang out. After performing certain story
tasks, the game asks you to improve Prosperity in order to take on a new story.
To do this, you should put the script aside, take over the region, rob a
caravan, search for resources and collect Ethanol. The source you collect is
then used in various expansions. For example, garage development for vehicle
supply, agriculture and livestock development where the plants you need to make
a health bag are developed, as well as the development of arsenal for making
weapons. Speaking of weapons, the game has a good variety of weapons.

I think the biggest
innovation of the game is the variety of weapons. It’s a lot of fun, especially
when you can make a massacre with a sharp impeller and a lot of enemies. As
with your character’s level, your weapons have a level. As you level up, you
are able to make new weapons. With the resources you collect, semi-automatic,
full-automatic rifles bazooka, various bombs, and flame weapons,
post-apocalyptic when you think of many strange weapons that come to mind. By
using the resources you collect in the same way, you can also get from the
post-apocalyptic vehicle models we are familiar with from the world of Mad Max.
You can see the post-apocalyptic world theme only in this variety of tools and
weapons. Environment and space design does not give you the feeling that you
are in a post-apocalyptic world. You feel like you are on the map of Far Cry 5
burnt forests. There’s also a purple color. It is interspersed with a pinkish
purple color that is left to right and let us not forget that we are in a
post-apocalyptic world.

In the NEW Dawn where
task structures and character development options are not much different from
previous Far Cry games, small puzzles have been placed on some side missions
and main missions. If we said a puzzle, let’s not think of the designs that you
can think of and think of, head to Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles are simple.
It’s not fun to solve. It feels like a waste of time when you’re unpacking. Was
it possible to extend the duration of the gameplay? I can’t think of anything
else. A dreamlike, dreamy world as the classic Far Cry tasks that, that per

 As you can play co-op tasks, you can also play
artificial intelligence characters with you. Not even a dog! Besides, the dog
is more helpful when you run from left to right and hit and hit the ground and
the dog is waiting for you. He takes down the enemy’s weapon, attacks him without
fear. Thinking puts you on the ground. One of the few nice things I like about
the game was this doggy.Far Cry NEW Dawn has a game mode where you try to
survive against enemy raids until you get back to the area and try to steal a
zone by a helicopter called expeditions. We can say that this mode brings some
mobility to the ordinary task structure.

Far Cry New Dawn,
which continues the story of Far Cry 5, resembles an expansion pack rather than
a continuation game. All the Far Cry games we have seen on the task structure,
resource collection, base development, fantastic weapons, descending from the
sky loot boxes and violet tint was stolen. So Far Cry New Dawn’s name is new,
promises of entertainment is quite old. Far Cry New Dawn tastes like a bit of
fruit. But the impeller is fun!

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