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Time … The illusion that covers every part of us that we use to sustain our lives. And our biggest dream is to walk in time, forward or backward. However, every day, every night, we are not aware of the time we travel at any time. Every night when we look at the sky, we don’t know that we are looking back. We can’t stop dreaming about those stars as we look at romantic stars as if they were still there. Who knows, maybe they’re already gone.

No Man’s Sky presents
us a universe of trillions of stars and trillions of planets, without time
limits. Moreover, the speed of light has an insurmountable wall, nor fear of
disappearing. No Man’s Sky is the only game that gives us a chance of a virtual
reality to be Christopher Columbus. This construction, which has been presented
to us after years of labor by a team that has not even gathered 30 people, puts
a universe that is not seen by the game world in our tiny screens. This
universe is so great that even if you can discover a planet every second, it
takes 585 billion years to travel all the planets in the game, which is 13.8
billion years old. Even if we roughly make a calculation, we give a computer to
the hands of all the people in the world, and if they all go around No Man’s
Sky in 7 days 24 hours by exploring a new planet every second, we need 73 years
to discover everything again. In short, if you say I want to see all the game
in the game, let me say, stay away!

Now let’s explain the
situation to friends who have little knowledge of No Man’s Sky, because how can
you think of trillions of planets in a game? I know you’re coming back with
questions like. None of the trillions of planets we have mentioned are not
prepared by the No Man’s Sky team. So instead of giving fish to No Man’s Sky,
the crew taught him how to fish. No Man’s Sky has its own artificial
intelligence; its own planets, solar systems, plants, nature, landforms,
intelligent life forms, their languages, etc. can create many things. This is
technically called “Procedural Generation.” We experienced this
example in a production that we all know, like Minecraft. Each time you create
a new map, the game was re-creating the current world. The difference of No
Man’s Sky is the creation of the whole universe rather than a map.

In many of your
minds, how creative can an artificial intelligence be? After a while I don’t
want to see the same things, I know the thoughts are going through. However, No
Man’s Sky team is quite assertive about this. As we have seen, No Man’s Sky
blends the specific patterns that it possesses with great mastery and produces
small pieces of art. So every planet you go on is really different from one
another. But here is a point to underline. You may be disappointed if you
expect a lot of this diversity. No Man’s Sky’s planets look alike, both yes and
no. Yes, because a planet may be different from one to another, a question

But if you really go
to Venus and then Mars, the differences between them are no different from No
Man’s Sky. And no, because when you land on a different planet, all the
environment, color palette, environment, place shapes, plants, mountains,
stones, plains, seas … different. Now, in addition to all these differences,
you have no chance of seeing the different types of creatures, spider-footed,
head-like, half-asses. The situation in intelligent life forms is similar.
Although all the intelligent life forms we see in general have two legs and two
arms, many are ugly enough to enter your dream at night. So don’t expect the
Elves to see the angels in No Man’s Sky, you may be disappointed. But when it
comes to billions of different potential life forms, nothing should be said to
be impossible. Exploring the ocean of possibilities is already a great
experience that will truly amaze you.

No Man’s Sky is the biggest
allure. The most prominent feature that the game offers you is unlimited
discovery and endless difference. With such a small team, it is a situation
that is really appreciated if they get up from such a big job. In addition,
Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has already stated that he is in
control of the game and that there are hundreds of things they want to do in
the future. Murray, who wants to use the advantage of being an independent
studio to the fullest, states in the future that they want to bring features
such as land vehicles, region building, multi-player support with full meaning.
In other words, No Man’s Sky can be quite different in the next 1-2 years.
Moreover, Sean Murray said the updates will be free.

After talking about
the general lines of No Man’s Sky, I want to tell you the story of the game. No
Man’s Sky’s story is: No Man’s Sky has no particular story. There is actually,
but it’s so mysterious and in the background that you need a much longer time
to explore. But the game is not purposeful, we have a goal. The goal is to go
to the center of the galaxy. What’s in the center of the galaxy? We do not
know. But it is not hard to imagine that it is worth seeing. In the journey we
made towards the center of the galaxy, a “something” called Atlas
helps us. Well, I’m saying because we cannot call a person a concern, an
artificial intelligence, not a group or a dream … Atlas simply tells us to
obey him and help us in return. This help takes us to the center of the galaxy.

Now when I wrote this
review, I was very, very early in the way. But I already have some predictions
of what might happen at the center. Who knows, maybe the only planet in the
center that was hand-made by No Man’s Sky team, maybe a gigantic black hole,
and in “Why?” The answer to the question, maybe nothing … The only
advice I can give you here, don’t, don’t, but don’t go around where you can
find this answer on the Internet. The slightest spoiler you can get is the
biggest taste of the game.

No Man’s Sky is a failed
game. No Man’s Sky is just making an avalanche growing up under expectations.
If Hello Games doesn’t stop developing the game, if Sean Murray grabs his
promises, a more detailed multiplayer mode is prepared, and our hot coffee
isn’t missing at home, No Man’s Sky is as relaxing and successful as we can
stretch our feet and leave ourselves to the infinite space of the universe
after coming from work.

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