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Undertale thinks that the universe or the story is quite deep, and you’re mistaken if you think that the gamers cannot fit the game in the sky. As a matter of fact, you may find in Undertale’s story the most fantastic game that has become mainstream. People and creatures live in peace on earth lands in time. However, as a result of a war that broke out, two races fought and people won. Human beings imprison the creatures under the ground and prevent them from getting out through a magical barrier. One day, our main character falls into the underground world where creatures live and starts his adventure to find ways to return home. From this point on, our main character meets Toriel, who acts as his mother from the moment he falls. Toriel’s protectionist instinct can also prevent you from playing the game when it is necessary, as I am making a serious mother of the Toriel character.

Undertale’s graphics
are entirely made of pixel art. You can keep yourself away from the game, but
Undertale has to be entirely composed of pixels. For example, if you think
about how The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will look like pixel art instead of realism,
you can easily understand what I mean. We have to congratulate Toby Fox on
developing the game. Because Undertale’s character drawing and animations,
characters have expressed the feelings and feelings very successfully. You
can’t even see this quality in games with motion capture graphics.

I suggest you ignore
the simple appearance of character designs left from the NES period. Because
each character (really every character) has its own story and the drawings of
the characters reflect their stories very successfully. Toby Fox has designed
the side characters’ communication with you so well that you can feel that the
characters don’t actually act to make the game a whole, but you really need to
exist at that point of the game. Each character has his or her own troubles,
treasures and happiness. When the place comes, you can have nice moments with
the smiling Sans, you can listen to Toriel’s mom’s advice when it comes to you
and enter into entertaining dialogs with Papyrus when it comes to.

Undertale’s gameplay
is part of every game. Basically puzzles, adventure and RPG elements that bring
together the game playing never bored. The puzzles in the game were neither
difficult nor very easy. There are puzzles you can finish without having a
nervous breakdown, but you can’t easily cross over the RYO system of the game
is quite successful. Undertale with more than one end is very possible to reach
different end of the game thanks to very fine detail decisions.

 Fighting mechanics, as we encountered in JRYO
games more, as you can fight against as long as an enemy is designed. In the
moments of war, you shoot at the enemy with each other in turn, but you can get
rid of the enemy by means of the so-called bullet – hell or the moments you
have to keep a particular pointer on a point. Bullet – I have no particular
interest in games of hell. But when the enemies have rained you objects, you
have to make a lot of effort when it comes to avoid damage to the heart you
have. When you’re on the line, you can attack the enemy with the attack command
or flee the battle with the Flee command.

Unlike other RPG
games in Undertale, you can progress without killing anyone. When a creature
tries to attack you, you can talk to him through the act command and make him
feel better by complimenting him. If you can’t solve the job by talking, you
have to go through the attack. However, after the attacks again, Mercy command
to live and don’t kill the creature. You can earn gold by forgiving the
creatures, but you cannot earn by forgetting the experience points you earned
after you killed. The character development will be shaped in this regard.
Because you must remember that every creature you kill will affect the story in
the background.

In this section I want to draw attention to the mechanics of the game. In most
RPG games you have a chance to forgive an enemy you are fighting and change the
story. However, the attitude of the enemies you have decided to forgive
Undertale is written in a way that is very interesting. Likewise, you can
notice the warmth of the game that will heat your interior. To understand why
Undertale is so good, it’s a unique and enormous masterpiece, you have to play
the game yourself. I don’t know the last time you shook hands when you tried to
fight a fight. If that’s hard for you personally, Undertale teaches you well.
In short, the game teaches how violent the natures of human beings are, but at
the same time they should stay away from violence.

I’m not going to go
without saying that the game is perfect. There are exactly 101 pieces in the
game. It’s said that Toby Fox composed and put it all on his own. I can say
that they are all very high quality. Almost all of today’s games are similar to
each other. If you think the games are almost the same and you get lost from
the games, you should know that your prescription is Undertale.

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