Boom Beach New Tab for Google Chrome

Boom Beach is one of
the few applications in the Google Play Store with over 50 million downloads in
free games. Our game is about 79 MB in size and can be downloaded without wifi.
You can find the following screen by typing Boom Beach in the Play Store search
section or by clicking on the Download button below and using the Upload
button, we can start the installation of the game for our mobile device.

After the download and installation process of our game is finished, we are logged in by clicking on the shortcut between our main screen or applications. In the first entry screen of our game developed by Super Cell, we encounter a user agreement indicating in-app purchases. Click on the OK button on this screen and then go to the profiling step in order to access our game from other devices. Then click on the Create and then Sign In links, we start to follow the brief introduction called intro.


We can switch the
intro steps one by one by touching the screen continuously. After the
demonstration is over, you will have some guidance for the first build task.
These are explained below as:

1.) The amount of
gold you have. With these golds, the soldier can take the necessary steps to
get the tank and develop the skill, pay the workers to cut materials like trees,
stones in your area.

2.) The amount of
wood you have. You can make new constructions by using these woods and make
your union become stronger by meeting new technologies.

3.) The amount of
diamond you have. The diamonds are sold in exchange for money. You can
accumulate it without using these diamonds in the game you started with 50
diamonds, you can increase the number quickly by adding bonus diamonds given
every day from the islands navigation screen. These diamonds are useful in many
points of the game, such as time acceleration, missing material completion.

4.) Using this button
which is the hammer’s picture, we can reach all the structures that we will
build in-game, as long as our level permits and we have enough materials to
start building.

The first task given
to us in the game; It’s a sniper tower we’re going to do to defend our enemies.
In exchange for building this tower in the area indicated by the green arrow:

100 Pieces of Wood

5 Seconds Duration

It says to be used.
In the lower right corner; The data indicated by 0/1 is; Sniper Tower is the
building limit. So; We have 1 construction limit in total and we will use it
now. The higher the level, the higher the limits. After the tower construction
is over, the computer-led forces will carry out a small attack on your island,
so you don’t have to worry because this attack will only be for the purpose of
introducing you to the game.

At the end of the
attack, the enemy commander of the enemy will throw threats at you, but it is
strange that during the game we will have no relation with the forces owned by
this commander. Once we have succeeded in returning the attack, we will be
asked to build a landing ship and put troops in it to be able to wage war on
other islands and to bring freedom to them. The instructions in the game will
help you to do so easily.

We built our landing
ships and put our troops in it. It is time to declare war on other islands and
bring freedom, for this; We click on the compass sign that appears at the
bottom right of the screen and open our map. As we level up and improve our
radar system, the map will grow and our targets will grow. By clicking on the
enemy base area indicated by the green arrow, we must lower the troops on the
landing ships and destroy the buildings on the enemy territory using the heavy
weapons on our attack ship.

If you succeed at the
end of the attack on enemy territory, the occupying forces will leave the area
and the local people will reward you with some valuable materials (wood, stone,
gold, iron) for helping them to get their freedom.

After we return to
our home base, we’ll see that the screen gets a little crowded. Approaching the
port, the sandal and the golden symbol on it; the people of the village we have
just saved shows the tax paid to us every hour. We can collect by clicking on
the boat. By clicking on the icons on the home and carpenter’s house in our own
land, we can collect the accumulated gold and wood loot. As our level
progresses, we will be able to build new houses, carpenters, as well as iron
and stone quarries.

As a result, Boom
Beach was a game where you gave battles to protect and develop your own area
and your living space, and you could not stop playing it.

Available in the Chrome Store

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