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After the much-loved
and great successes worldwide, Clash of Clans, Supercell announced Clash
Royale, a real-time multiplayer battle game. Those who play Clash of Clans will
recognize the characters in Clash Royale immediately, and most of them are in Clash
of Clans. Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Wall Destructors and many more
characters were transferred to Clash Royale. In the menu consisting of 5
different screens, we can shop from the Shop part with the gems we earn from
the game and with real money.

Firstly, the game is played in a vertical manner. Briefly speaking, you are creating a deck of eight cards. Among the cards there are many options such as skeletons, goblins, giants, cannons, rockets. It may take some time to find a deck that suits your gaming style. After selecting your destin, you are entering the game. There are a total of 3 towers in the middle and a main tower in the middle. Your opponent is of course also in the same way.

 As in Hearthstone, you mean time, that is,
your elixir is full. You can see how many potions your cards require, and you
have the cards in your hands. After putting it, you don’t have control of your
minions, so you need to put them at strategic points. You are trying to destroy
each other’s towers with your opponent in a certain period of time. After a
while, the potion in the game is speeding up and the game gets a little more
complicated. Towards the end if you can even destroy a tower you are considered
to have won the game.

In the Cards section,
we develop the character cards and their improvements. The Clan section is
active when the 3rd level is reached. In the TV Royale section, it is possible
to follow the summaries of all the battles and to follow the statistics.

It’s kind of a card
game. Like Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s not a game based entirely on
the card, but don’t get it wrong. Each card in the game represents a character.
(And good news for Clash of Clans enthusiasts, these cards are your favorite
Clash characters, so you’ll warm up too quickly.) Each card has its own Can /
Mana values and features.

 In the Battle
part, we make 7 training battles and learn the characters and their
characteristics. Then we begin to play with real opponents as multiplayer at
Arena 1. There are two battle zones and when we start the game, we can place
our characters before they can cross the middle area. Each character has an
elixir score, and when we place these points, it falls off of us. There is a
3-minute period for each battle. If you run out of tie, the extension time is
added. Here, you need to use the smart time by making smart moves.

The blue towers are
yours, and the red towers are your enemies. Your goal is to destroy your
characters and spells / attacks with your characters and spell cards before
they destroy your towers. It’s very simple, isn’t it? Of course I can’t pass
without saying that I need strategy. Because the other side will be sending you
troops. Because they can be sent in two ways, you need to adjust your strategy
and keep your defense and attacking in balance.

As we place
characters on the battlefield, new and different characters are created in our
card storage. If we have an elixir we can make fast-speed attacks. It has 3
towers on either side. Whoever knocked down most of these towers wins the game.
In the beginning of the game in the first half of the field can not place
characters, the enemy castle ruins, the castle around the castle is activated
for us and we can place the character there. Direct from the main tower to the
other towers to throw the ball and arrow is possible. We need to do defense
while attacking the opponent, while attacking on the other hand.

Obviously as a play
style Hearthstone, Plants vs. It is obvious that they are inspired by the
productions like Zombies, but it is still possible to make matches with plenty
of action. During the confrontation, we are able to send out ready-made
messages to our opponent as well as funny expressions like crying smiley,
smiley face. We have already seen these features at Hearthstone. The cheers and
reactions of the audience in the arena during the war were thought out
beautifully. In general all voices and effects are high quality.

At the end of each
battle we won, the game gives us a safe box and the characters’ improvements
and gold come out.   In short, the Clash Royale was really enjoyable. It
is possible to make adventure-filled matches without getting bored in the
online arena. Clash of Clans’ success will see whether you will achieve

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