Farmville 2: Country Escape New Tab for Google Chrome

Starting his career as a unique web browser by Zynga about ten years ago and starting to be published on Facebook, FarmVille succeeded in attracting the attention of the game lovers in a short period of time. FarmVille 2, which is much more lively and modern than the old game, is no longer a browser game, but it can be used in a single game with three-dimensional images and superior Flash animations.

In FarmVille 2, the aim of the player is to make the field
most successful for him, as in the first member of the series, to ensure that
the products he has planted in this field are collected quickly. In the old
game, the hard-to-understand interface, which is criticized by many users,
becomes much simpler and more ordinary in the second game, while the amount of
wheat, water and seeds can be easily seen in addition to items such as money,
gold and stars.

 This situation is
especially at a young age and does not play a lot with computer games, the game
lovers to ensure satisfaction and happiness. While the number of monthly users
of the game exceeds ten million only on Facebook, it is estimated that this
number can reach fifteen million with mobile devices.

We were not able to predict that Zynga would have a surprise
for Facebook users when the Farmville craze for a period ended on Facebook. As
a Facebook application, the company that prepared Farmville 2 broke the record
with 48.9 million active monthly users and became the most active user of
Facebook. Farmville 2’s applications include Texas Hold’em Poker (again Zynga’s
 app) with 38.1 million users, even with
Instagram even with 34.9 million users.


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      If you don’t belong to Facebook but play on an Apple device, then you probably connect to the game through Game Center, and you can add a photo there. Open Game Center and along the bottom there are icons…tap the one labeled me, and there’s an option to ‘add photo’. Mind you, I haven’t tried it, but I assume that would provide a photo for FV2CE.

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