Township New Tab for Google Chrome

If the friends who
are keen and willing to plan farm games and city planning should be able to
watch these games from google play in terms of their reliability and the
quality of the game, they should pay attention to the comments below and the
number of stars.

The game is easy in terms of tasks but when you build a house or collective buildings you are defined for at least 5 hours. Buddha makes the game boring. In the game you are given some tasks given to you. Some of these tasks, such as 5 wheat, 3 milk in the game with the characterization of the task is defined by the characters. When you complete the task you give you progress in the game by giving coins and xp.

Again the train with
the wagon defines you the task and you can add many products such as wheat to
you in the quests to complete the construction of the buildings you are bringing
pieces. For example brick, nails. Each section or number of people increase
your field allows you to reproduce. The field is free in the shop and free to
plant in the crops.

Of course, there are
animals in every farm. First of all, the cows that you get. As you multiply
cows, you make money and replicate your product. And you are asked to establish
a food factory to feed them. As the level progresses, it opens in different
animals. They enable you to build community buildings and factories in each level.


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