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The Boston Celtic is
National Basketball Association (NBA) team in Boston, Massachusetts. The team
is the NBA’s most successful team with 16 championships. The History of the
Boston Celtics was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America
(BAA).The Boston Celtics
was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). He then
became one of the first teams of the NBA to join the league with the rest of
the country.

In 1956, the team, which added Bill Russell, to the ranks of this player has achieved significant success under the leadership of this player. Bill Russell first season in the final. They won their first championship by passing Louis Hawks at the end of 7 games. The next season they met the same team in 1957 and lost the final in 6 games. Later, however, there was a time when no other team had succeeded in the history of the league, and the Celtics won eight championships in 1959. These successes began in 1959 after the Series 4-0 sweeping the Minneapolis Lakers. After a year-long break in 1967, two more championships were won by the Lakers in 1968 and 1969. Meanwhile, Arnold Auerbach, one of the most successful coaches in the history of the NBA, retired after the 1966 championship, and Bill Russell passed the team. After the 1969 championship, he retired from Bill Russell and the magnificent period ended.

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Until 1974, the team did
not achieve the achievements. In 1974, the Boston Celtics were rebuilt after
the Milwaukee Bucks in the final, and in 1976 the two more championships were
eliminated by eliminating Phoenix Suns.

After two years of
staff formation, Celtics entered the 1980s with a new lineup of Larry Bird,
Robert Parish and Kevin McHale, and won 3 times and won 3 of them. The first
championship in this period came in 1981. Between 1984 and 1987, he played 4
consecutive finals, winning two more championships in 1984 and 1986. In this
period, there was a very ambitious competition for the 2nd time with the
Lakers. Another dimension of this competition was between Larry Bird and Magic
Johnson. After this period, especially in the 1990s, Celtics entered the
standstill in the 200/2005 season and became the finalist of the Conference.

Boston’s ascent
coincided with the postwar proliferation of television sets in the United
States, helping the team and its players become iconic figures as the sport’s
national profile grew. Among the highlights of the Celtics’ unprecedented
championship run are Russell twice gathering an NBA finals-record 40 rebounds
in a game (1960, 1962) and Havlicek’s series-clinching steal of an inbounds
pass in game seven of the 1965 Eastern Division finals, which elicited the
famous call of “Havlicek stole the ball!” by announcer Johnny Most. The
matchups between Russell, who served as the Celtics’ player-coach from 1966 to
1969 and Wilt Chamberlain, first as a Philadelphia 76er and then with the Los
Angeles Lakers, were at the centre of some of the most dramatic games in NBA
play-off history.

Havlicek was still a key contributor, along with Dave
Cowens, Paul Silas, and Jo Jo White, on teams coached by Heinsohn that won
titles in 1973–74 and 1975–76. The second of those championships included a
dramatic triple-overtime victory over the Phoenix Suns in game five of the
finals. In 1978 the Celtics were involved in an unusual transaction after the
NBA blocked the team’s owner, Irv Levin, from moving the franchise to his
native California. Instead, Levin and John Y. Brown, owner of the Buffalo
Braves, traded franchises. That same year Boston acquired one of the greatest
players in league history—and arguably the most beloved Celtic of all time—when
they selected sharpshooting forward Larry Bird in the NBA draft. The NBA
reached new levels of popularity with the excitement generated by the supremacy
battle between the Lakers led by Magic Johnson and a Celtics team led by Bird
(who had a rivalry with Johnson dating back to their college days), Robert
Parish, Kevin McHale, and Dennis Johnson that advanced to the NBA finals five
times in the 1980s and won championships in 1980–81, 1983–84, and 1985–86.

As the Celtics’ veteran roster grew older, the team had
reduced on-court success. Allen left in free agency in 2012, and the team
traded away Garnett and Pierce after the 2012–13 campaign in an effort to spur
a rebuilding process centred on younger players. That effort bore fruit much
faster than many observers expected, as the Celtics returned to the play-offs
in 2014–15. The team added point guard Isaiah Thomas during that season, and he
proceeded to blossom into an All-Star, leading the team to the best record in
the Eastern Conference in 2016–17. The team’s season ended in the conference
finals after the Celtics lost four games to one to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The
Celtics traded Thomas and other assets for star guard Kyrie Irving in the
off-season and also signed All-Star forward Gordon Hayward. Both players were
limited by significant injuries during the regular season, but the remaining
young Celtics core outperformed expectations, leading Boston to the second best
record in the Eastern Conference and on an unexpectedly long play-off run that
ended in a seven-game conference finals loss to the Cavaliers.

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