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In the twelve-part anime called Noragami, Yato is an unknown god. Yato’s dream is to save money and reach his own temple. One day, after regalisa’ (a kind of dead person who could turn into a weapon) Mayu and another phantom defeat, Mayu reveals that he no longer wants to become Yato regalisa.

The reason is that Yato is an undisciplined god with no commandment, no temple, and sweaty hands. Yato gives him the way. One day, our middle school student named Iki Hiyori walks on the road and sees Yato trying to save a cat in the middle of the street so that the gods are invisible unless they reveal themselves. Hiyori thinks that Yato will stay under a bus that arrives. He manages to push Yato aside, but the bus hits him this time.

When Hiyori opens his eyes, he sees himself lying on the road and when he regains consciousness, he is in a hospital room. Hiyori’s life is no danger, but his life is no longer the same, because Hiyori’s spirit can leave his body and become a kind of phantom. And so Hiyori wishes Yato to reinstate himself and began a short but action-packed adventure.

Although Noragami doesn’t reveal it at first glance, what we see as content is actually not much different from what is presented to us in other animations. You can’t show it with your finger, but you can easily sense what’s happening and what’s happening. The simplest example is the main character Yato. This type of character, who jumps around and jumps around and makes comic when he is serious, has appeared in many animations.

After seeing Yato, we can say that this man’s past is dark, in fact he is very strong, he is like this. I mean, there are cliché events and anime makes you watch, but it’s not bad, but it doesn’t excite the audience.

Anime’s drawings are very beautiful and successfully reflect the classic anime atmosphere (colored hair, etc.). Animated scenes make him watch and untouched when using comedy elements. So everything is in place and as much as it should be. The best part of the animations is their music. Even though I cannot include the closing part, the music played especially during the chapters along with the opening part is quite good. Even if I did, Noragami could easily enter my list of the best in terms of music.

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Soul Eater, which was published between 2008 and 2009, has been a very famous series. The character, who also creates the name of the anime, is a cool anime, as Soul Eater calls it.

The subject of Soul Eater is in a school that produces weapon technicians. The school is headed by Shinigami (God of Death). Don’t look at his name as a shinigami, he’s a very warm being. Each of the students in this school is a technician and they all have guns. In guns, they are human beings, just like technicians, but they have the ability to turn into weapons during the war.

The aim of the technicians is to collect 99 kishin spirit (evil spirit) and 1 witch spirit. The technician’s weapon will be turned into a Death Scythe. The death scythe is the most powerful weapon and can be used by Shinigami. The story actually has three main characters. These are Maka, Black Star and Kid. Maka’s helper Soul, Black Star’s helper Tsubaki and Kid’s helper Elizabeth and Patricia’s adventure of the series contains plenty of action. They all have the same goal, so that they can turn their weapons into a death scythe.

These main characters are introduced in the first three sections of the anime. In the first part we see Maka and Soul, in the second part Black Star and Tsubaki, and in the third part Kid and his partners Liz and Patty. In this way, we recognize the characters. Although the main subject of the series is to gather the souls of Kishin, this subject changes completely in the following chapters. So much so that after a while no one is interested in this kishin spirit gathering event. Don’t look at what I mean, you’re actually eating the souls of the people they beat. In this way, 99 kishin souls and 1 witch soul-eating weapon becomes the scythe of death. The number of death scythes is very small and they have to gather the souls from the beginning in the slightest mistake.

But as I said, although the main issue is to gather souls, this topic is completely changing. With the emergence of Asura, the origin of evil, anime becomes completely different, and fear and madness surround the world. At this point, our heroes show themselves and the whole school unites and starts a struggle against evil.

Character design is very successful especially in anime each character has a unique behavior and you can get used to the characters in a short time. To put it briefly, Maka is an ambitious and successful student, but she is not strong enough, and from time to time she becomes a victim of her own ambition. Black Star is a totally cool and smug character. He also has a utopian desire. Kid is definitely one of the most original of the animations I’ve seen. He is a patient of symmetry and this disease is plagued by wars.

Kid, who has two sisters as a partner, pays attention to symmetry especially during the pose before the war and of course during symmetry. Another feature of the Kid is that Shinigami is the son, and when it comes to weapons, Soul is not the most prominent character in the series, even though he is the person named after the animator.

Tsubasaki is a Black Star’s partner and has a quiet personality, and it must be really appreciated to be a Black Star’s gun because it must be difficult to be with a man who praises himself 24 hours a day., Liz is one of the Kid’s two partners and is dark, bleak He doesn’t like the atmosphere and is very afraid of ghost stories. He is a pure partner you know and he is one of the characters who can be said to laugh and weird in the most unexpected places.

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Bleach is a manga
series originally produced since 2001. I’d like to point out already that his
squad is much better than you know. This is a somewhat relative concept, but
when I think that the events in the manga are more exciting and detailed, it is
very normal for him to get ahead of the anime. Anyway, let me briefly talk
about Bleach. What’s that bleach joke before you even go to the point? Let me
answer those who say. Bleach means English bleach, whitening. To give such a
name to a manga, it makes people laugh.

The name of our main hero in Bleach is Kurosaki Ichigo. It is a character that will teach us how friendship, sacrifice and real power emerged throughout the anime. He’s a 15-year-old normal student, but he’s not exactly normal. In contact with the dead, Ichigo runs a clinic with his father and two siblings. Her mother died in a tragedy. One day he meets Kuchiki Rukia, who is a god of death and a Shinigami. The meeting part is a bit odd because Rukia suddenly appears in the window of Ichigo. The reason why Rukia is in Ichigo’s house is to defeat a hollow. Rukia, injured while fighting with Hollow, gives his powers to Ichigo. Ichigo, who has acquired the powers of Shinigami and can communicate with the dead, begins to destroy the hollows with Rukia.


Bleach’s general
theme is the death gods, which are focused on destroying evil spirits, but
there is much more to it. Drama, comedy, romantic comedy and adventure elements
of the highly successful Bleach anime, has done a very high quality in terms of
music. I also have to admit that every opening and closing music has a
different beauty.

Bleach has reached
the 16th season and 366th episodes. Manga’s reached up to 566th section. Bleach
by Tite Kubo is not just manga and anime. OVAs, movies and video games are also
available. Memories in the Rain and The Sealed Sword Frenzy have two OVAs
released. There are four different anime movies in total; Bleach the Movie:
Bleach the Movie 2: Bleach the Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion, Bleach the
Movie 3: Fade to Black and Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse.

If you think that
Rukia or Ichigo is alone and that the event is only based on hollow, then you
are very wrong. There are other Shinigami’s who devote themselves to the
destruction of evil spirits but also have some problems among themselves. They
all live in Soul Society. Some hunt the evil spirits in their own way and live
in the world of Ichigo far away from the Soul Society. Once you start
animating, each puzzle piece will slowly settle. So be comfortable.

Soul Society also has
some problems in itself, or you actually have different teams, it is more
accurate to say. Each one has a captain, and this captain is not the kind of
shinigami to be taken lightly. The powers they possess and the weapons have
their own characteristics.

Outside the hollow
and shinigamis; arrancars, espadas and many other interesting assets constitute
the subject of Bleach. Therefore, let me state that anime / manganese is not
limited to a single subject. The biggest downside is the over filling section.
After a while, you can get bored and leave the animate, because if you wish,
you can go on a lot of adventurous parts, or you can watch the stuffing

In short, Bleach is a
very successful anime and manga where you can enjoy watching and reading. You
can see events you never expected, or you can see how incredibly powerful
characters have fallen into the darkness they have.

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Monsters, unknown
lands, all kinds of fantastic animals and a world of different creatures. Many
parts of the earth have not been explored. Many species are unknown. Therefore,
this world environment has revealed a different profession: HUNTING

Gon is a 12-year-old boy who grew up on Whale Island and never left the island. He was left by his father to his grandmother and aunt (actually his father’s cousin) when he was a little baby, and he grew up there. Finding out that his father is a great hunter, Gon is also a hunter and wants to meet his father. Hunting is a class profession in this world, and those who want to be a hunter with a number of exams organized by a major hunting committee are given this title.


Gon wants to
participate in this series of exams once a year. However, he was obliged by
aunt to catch a rare fish. And in the first part of our hero catches this fish
permission to take the hunting exam. It leaves the island.

The continuation of
the subject is not the first season of the anime animations:

When hunting, do not
come to mind the animals, treasure, such as the ordinary things. You can see
almost every kind of hunter in the anima. Bounty hunters, gourmet hunters,
archaeological hunters that Gon’s father is an archaeological hunter, rare
hunters, especially hunters hunting hunters, this a crazy world.

In addition, we have
a nen event. In short, a kind of spiritual technique for transforming and using
the spiritual energy in the body. I didn’t want to add comments immediately,
but this is one of my favorite things to do with anime: We don’t see this nen
event in the first arc. Something’s happening. Yeah. But we don’t understand
what happened. What is Nen? What is it like? We are exploring this with our
main character. In this respect, spiritual terms such as chakra, yoki, chi, chi
are very different from the previous series.

Anime consists of a
total of 7 arcs, one of which is very long and large. And if we don’t mention
the nen concept of the animate, it won’t. It’s a little complicated, but let’s
just say:

Nen’s word meaning
actually means power of will. In other words, the ability to use spiritual
energy. According to the way they use spiritual energy, their technical names
are changing. Nen concept is a more lethal technique than other series using
spiritual energy. Enough to kill people alone. Only by releasing can create
fatal pressure on the opposite person. Nen basically consists of 4 things.
Skin; It is the event of covering the whole body with spiritual energy.

Zetski; It’s going to
override the aura. So you can’t feel it when you can feel it using nen. It also
focuses on the surrounding spiritual energies when using zetsu. The basic logic
in Zetsud is to imprison spiritual energy into the body. So the power is
gathering. Rhine; It is the release of imprisoned spiritual energy. It is
important for endurance. Hatsu; It is the oscillation of ren. It is the stage
in which spiritual energy is controlled. Hatsu consists of 6 kinds of ways in
itself. The person’s calligraphy is an innate feature. A person may be born or
learning and can also predispose to other forms. This predisposition is
understood by a method called “water prophecy”.

Replicator: Nen is
the cut-off for the typical lead character whose source is unlimited. It is a
feature that increases the power of the body. The attacks of the replicators
are strong. He also indicates that Hisoka duplicators are very pure and

Diver: The soul is
the nen users who can take their energy away from the body. With the help of an
object, they can carry the soul energies away.

Manager; nen users
who can handle living and non-living things.

Converter; NEN users
who can transform the soul energy into something else. Hisoka states that they
are very murderous.

The Magician ; You
can create an item or a creature. He calls when he wants to. He destroys it
when he wants.

Specialist; nen users
who are able to do what others transferred with their innate genes. There are
very few people belonging to this group.

These six figures
show a sequence between them. Some group people are prone to show another group
of features. However, the most difficult one is. Enthusiasts and administrators
can then shift to this group.

We mentioned Gon
Freecss at first. He is the son of a very famous hunter Ging Freecss. A typical
shounen head character. Pure and good-hearted. Of course, if you think of power
as a very very talented for the age of the other shounen characters are
separated. It’s a replica. With the Kam stone paper scissors G technique he
finds in a childlike logic, he resembles Son Goku’s Kamehameha. His goal is to
find a father who is a hunter and meet him. We can say we’re some kind of
father hunter.

His name is Killua
Zoldyck. He is a median of 5 children of a famous serial killer family. He is
seen as the heir of the family because he is very talented. Stabbing and
stealing her mother ascended the house Look to the family Look at the
converter. Although she seems to be the son of Kakashi Hatake playing in
another show because she uses her white hair, quick wit and an electric nen
technique, she is our eminent side character she especially asks how girls can
be when she is an adult man.

Another aspect of HxH
that differs from other anime is its alphabet. When the world is different from
our world, it is much more plausible, realistic to use an alphabet that we do
not know in Japanese letters. Just like Elfian in the Lord of the Rings, it
makes the series more realistic.

The other way I’m
going to say is the way the characters wear. Very stylish anime HxH So
especially the accessories are very original. Hairstyles, earrings, makeup,
tattoos … Style anime.

Boruto & Naruto New Tab for Google Chrome

The Naruto series,
which first started in 2002 under the leadership of Masashi Kishimoto,
continues today with Boruto. In the series in which the script was branched
out, the story now leaves its simplicity in a huge universe as in the first
years. This time, we are facing again with a new game dedicated to the Naruto
universe, which competes with the deep-rooted fantastic series. In the seventh
console generation that we have left behind, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja
In the STORM series, Bandai Namco has eaten a lot of bread. Now, developers who
want to change the series again, a different structure, but the former series
of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker has stepped into the market.

Of course, there is not much to be said for this very early story. If you read the manga’s, you will see that they have already presented the part up to the 10th episode in the film, then moved away from the manga along with the anime series, and they showed backwards from the timeline in the film, ie when Boruto did not graduate from the academy.

I don’t know why they
did something like that. Probably at least 50-60 episodes of manga and anime
are in trouble, but those who have even watched Naruto know that 60% of these
animations consist of the sections we call the space filler.

In summary, we now
have a series of movies, called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, an anime
series with 12 episodes and a manga series of 14/15 episodes. When we examine
them one by one we realize that the first 10 episodes of the 14 episodes that
have been published as manga have already been shown to us with the film
version of the animate. The purpose of this was to introduce Boruto. So what
did we see in the film? To summarize, we have recognized the Chunin entrance,
the new ninja world, the threats and the new brat.

There was a team with
Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki and we had Konohamaru early in the day. Naruto
worked too hard, and his children couldn’t spend as much time as he used to, so
he ended up having an affair with Boruto, but at the end of the day, Boruto was
on a quest that his father might respect. In the meantime, we were learning
that Boruto’s eye was not a Byakugan, but a brand new power. But the detail was
not much given. We only understood that it was a great power, and so we were
receiving messages that Boruto could suffer in the future. Just like Uncle Ben
in Spider Man, “Great powers bring great responsibilities.”

It is pleasant to
watch Naruto and the rest of the people for the time being. Nevertheless, I can
say that these stories, which are presented as complete elephants in our body,
are like “war”. I mean, we don’t really watch the dealers, but at
least it’s something to watch. Mitsuki is increasingly suspicious about it, and
as the main story, Boruto revolves around his eyes, which he cannot prove to be
activated. Boruto somehow can see that pessimistic effect on people, bad
energy, and who is threatened by this eye. We have seen Sakura for a few
seconds in the 12-part anim.

 At some Hinata and Himawari, less than Naruto and
Shikamaru, Sai also engaged in the last time we can see them too. In general,
the sons of Shikamaru and Temari make it look like a story around Shikadai and
Boruto’s friendship. Obviously we watch more of these elephants like an
elephant, as well as the episode described after ten episodes in manga itself
did not show much depth for now.