No Man’s Sky New Tab for Google Chrome

Time … The illusion that covers every part of us that we use to sustain our lives. And our biggest dream is to walk in time, forward or backward. However, every day, every night, we are not aware of the time we travel at any time. Every night when we look at the sky, we don’t know that we are looking back. We can’t stop dreaming about those stars as we look at romantic stars as if they were still there. Who knows, maybe they’re already gone.

No Man’s Sky presents
us a universe of trillions of stars and trillions of planets, without time
limits. Moreover, the speed of light has an insurmountable wall, nor fear of
disappearing. No Man’s Sky is the only game that gives us a chance of a virtual
reality to be Christopher Columbus. This construction, which has been presented
to us after years of labor by a team that has not even gathered 30 people, puts
a universe that is not seen by the game world in our tiny screens. This
universe is so great that even if you can discover a planet every second, it
takes 585 billion years to travel all the planets in the game, which is 13.8
billion years old. Even if we roughly make a calculation, we give a computer to
the hands of all the people in the world, and if they all go around No Man’s
Sky in 7 days 24 hours by exploring a new planet every second, we need 73 years
to discover everything again. In short, if you say I want to see all the game
in the game, let me say, stay away!

Now let’s explain the
situation to friends who have little knowledge of No Man’s Sky, because how can
you think of trillions of planets in a game? I know you’re coming back with
questions like. None of the trillions of planets we have mentioned are not
prepared by the No Man’s Sky team. So instead of giving fish to No Man’s Sky,
the crew taught him how to fish. No Man’s Sky has its own artificial
intelligence; its own planets, solar systems, plants, nature, landforms,
intelligent life forms, their languages, etc. can create many things. This is
technically called “Procedural Generation.” We experienced this
example in a production that we all know, like Minecraft. Each time you create
a new map, the game was re-creating the current world. The difference of No
Man’s Sky is the creation of the whole universe rather than a map.

In many of your
minds, how creative can an artificial intelligence be? After a while I don’t
want to see the same things, I know the thoughts are going through. However, No
Man’s Sky team is quite assertive about this. As we have seen, No Man’s Sky
blends the specific patterns that it possesses with great mastery and produces
small pieces of art. So every planet you go on is really different from one
another. But here is a point to underline. You may be disappointed if you
expect a lot of this diversity. No Man’s Sky’s planets look alike, both yes and
no. Yes, because a planet may be different from one to another, a question

But if you really go
to Venus and then Mars, the differences between them are no different from No
Man’s Sky. And no, because when you land on a different planet, all the
environment, color palette, environment, place shapes, plants, mountains,
stones, plains, seas … different. Now, in addition to all these differences,
you have no chance of seeing the different types of creatures, spider-footed,
head-like, half-asses. The situation in intelligent life forms is similar.
Although all the intelligent life forms we see in general have two legs and two
arms, many are ugly enough to enter your dream at night. So don’t expect the
Elves to see the angels in No Man’s Sky, you may be disappointed. But when it
comes to billions of different potential life forms, nothing should be said to
be impossible. Exploring the ocean of possibilities is already a great
experience that will truly amaze you.

No Man’s Sky is the biggest
allure. The most prominent feature that the game offers you is unlimited
discovery and endless difference. With such a small team, it is a situation
that is really appreciated if they get up from such a big job. In addition,
Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has already stated that he is in
control of the game and that there are hundreds of things they want to do in
the future. Murray, who wants to use the advantage of being an independent
studio to the fullest, states in the future that they want to bring features
such as land vehicles, region building, multi-player support with full meaning.
In other words, No Man’s Sky can be quite different in the next 1-2 years.
Moreover, Sean Murray said the updates will be free.

After talking about
the general lines of No Man’s Sky, I want to tell you the story of the game. No
Man’s Sky’s story is: No Man’s Sky has no particular story. There is actually,
but it’s so mysterious and in the background that you need a much longer time
to explore. But the game is not purposeful, we have a goal. The goal is to go
to the center of the galaxy. What’s in the center of the galaxy? We do not
know. But it is not hard to imagine that it is worth seeing. In the journey we
made towards the center of the galaxy, a “something” called Atlas
helps us. Well, I’m saying because we cannot call a person a concern, an
artificial intelligence, not a group or a dream … Atlas simply tells us to
obey him and help us in return. This help takes us to the center of the galaxy.

Now when I wrote this
review, I was very, very early in the way. But I already have some predictions
of what might happen at the center. Who knows, maybe the only planet in the
center that was hand-made by No Man’s Sky team, maybe a gigantic black hole,
and in “Why?” The answer to the question, maybe nothing … The only
advice I can give you here, don’t, don’t, but don’t go around where you can
find this answer on the Internet. The slightest spoiler you can get is the
biggest taste of the game.

No Man’s Sky is a failed
game. No Man’s Sky is just making an avalanche growing up under expectations.
If Hello Games doesn’t stop developing the game, if Sean Murray grabs his
promises, a more detailed multiplayer mode is prepared, and our hot coffee
isn’t missing at home, No Man’s Sky is as relaxing and successful as we can
stretch our feet and leave ourselves to the infinite space of the universe
after coming from work.

Undertale New Tab for Google Chrome

Undertale thinks that the universe or the story is quite deep, and you’re mistaken if you think that the gamers cannot fit the game in the sky. As a matter of fact, you may find in Undertale’s story the most fantastic game that has become mainstream. People and creatures live in peace on earth lands in time. However, as a result of a war that broke out, two races fought and people won. Human beings imprison the creatures under the ground and prevent them from getting out through a magical barrier. One day, our main character falls into the underground world where creatures live and starts his adventure to find ways to return home. From this point on, our main character meets Toriel, who acts as his mother from the moment he falls. Toriel’s protectionist instinct can also prevent you from playing the game when it is necessary, as I am making a serious mother of the Toriel character.

Undertale’s graphics
are entirely made of pixel art. You can keep yourself away from the game, but
Undertale has to be entirely composed of pixels. For example, if you think
about how The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will look like pixel art instead of realism,
you can easily understand what I mean. We have to congratulate Toby Fox on
developing the game. Because Undertale’s character drawing and animations,
characters have expressed the feelings and feelings very successfully. You
can’t even see this quality in games with motion capture graphics.

I suggest you ignore
the simple appearance of character designs left from the NES period. Because
each character (really every character) has its own story and the drawings of
the characters reflect their stories very successfully. Toby Fox has designed
the side characters’ communication with you so well that you can feel that the
characters don’t actually act to make the game a whole, but you really need to
exist at that point of the game. Each character has his or her own troubles,
treasures and happiness. When the place comes, you can have nice moments with
the smiling Sans, you can listen to Toriel’s mom’s advice when it comes to you
and enter into entertaining dialogs with Papyrus when it comes to.

Undertale’s gameplay
is part of every game. Basically puzzles, adventure and RPG elements that bring
together the game playing never bored. The puzzles in the game were neither
difficult nor very easy. There are puzzles you can finish without having a
nervous breakdown, but you can’t easily cross over the RYO system of the game
is quite successful. Undertale with more than one end is very possible to reach
different end of the game thanks to very fine detail decisions.

 Fighting mechanics, as we encountered in JRYO
games more, as you can fight against as long as an enemy is designed. In the
moments of war, you shoot at the enemy with each other in turn, but you can get
rid of the enemy by means of the so-called bullet – hell or the moments you
have to keep a particular pointer on a point. Bullet – I have no particular
interest in games of hell. But when the enemies have rained you objects, you
have to make a lot of effort when it comes to avoid damage to the heart you
have. When you’re on the line, you can attack the enemy with the attack command
or flee the battle with the Flee command.

Unlike other RPG
games in Undertale, you can progress without killing anyone. When a creature
tries to attack you, you can talk to him through the act command and make him
feel better by complimenting him. If you can’t solve the job by talking, you
have to go through the attack. However, after the attacks again, Mercy command
to live and don’t kill the creature. You can earn gold by forgiving the
creatures, but you cannot earn by forgetting the experience points you earned
after you killed. The character development will be shaped in this regard.
Because you must remember that every creature you kill will affect the story in
the background.

In this section I want to draw attention to the mechanics of the game. In most
RPG games you have a chance to forgive an enemy you are fighting and change the
story. However, the attitude of the enemies you have decided to forgive
Undertale is written in a way that is very interesting. Likewise, you can
notice the warmth of the game that will heat your interior. To understand why
Undertale is so good, it’s a unique and enormous masterpiece, you have to play
the game yourself. I don’t know the last time you shook hands when you tried to
fight a fight. If that’s hard for you personally, Undertale teaches you well.
In short, the game teaches how violent the natures of human beings are, but at
the same time they should stay away from violence.

I’m not going to go
without saying that the game is perfect. There are exactly 101 pieces in the
game. It’s said that Toby Fox composed and put it all on his own. I can say
that they are all very high quality. Almost all of today’s games are similar to
each other. If you think the games are almost the same and you get lost from
the games, you should know that your prescription is Undertale.

Available in the Chrome Store

Cuphead New Tab for Google Chrome

Have you ever had a
target of getting bored with life? That’s the question I have to ask before
starting the review, because Cuphead will give you the pleasure according to
the answer to the question I ask. If that’s my answer to your question,’’ yes! ‘’,
you can start reading the rest of my review and find out what challenging boss
battles with Cuphead have to me. Also, if your answer is something negative,
like I don’t want, you can go on again. Because the question I asked was not a
negative thing about the game. I’d like to tell you this for a long time.

What is Cuphead?

I think this is the first question to be asked. Cuphead is the game that takes us to a challenging universe with the theme of the old cartoon aroma. The boss battles, including platform sections and small games, welcome us in the game. On September 29, 2017, the game was produced by the StudioMDHR Entertainment.

Only available on
Xbox One and PC platforms, Cuphead is presented with an interesting story and
really cute characters. Even though it makes you crazy, it is not possible to
hate even those annoying bosses where you can feel the creativity of the
developer team. Not only the enemies, but also the voices and voices made as
magnificent as the character design. I’ll talk about why we like the content
I’ve already mentioned.

Now, it is not
possible to say much about the gameplay offered by Cuphead. Therefore, I would
like to point out that you should not expect a part of the gameplay that I can
tell very long. Game, the player has presented to the gameplay, I will begin to
tell immediately. First of all, the game story, let me talk about it, is
already too short.

The main characters
of our main characters, Cuphead and his closest friend, Mugman, are trying to
get the souls of the wicked so that the devil cannot take the soul of these two
friends. Remember the Contra? You know, in the ’90s and early 2000s, you were
remembered as one of the most frequently played games on the console where we
found 1000s of games in a single cassette called the “Atari”. As the
gameplay of Cuphead, I can show you Contra. Sure, they don’t look exactly like
each other.

Let me continue
immediately. When you play the one-man mode of the game, that old cartoons in
the game, we expect more than one various sections. Of course, in general, the
game is focused on boss battles. In fact, as far as I can see, all bosses have
more than one stage, and each stage has different abilities. For example,
rather than the later stages of the game, I’ll talk about frogs that come up in
their early stages. In the first stage, one of the frogs is shooting at us and
the other is throwing bees. In stage 2, the tall frog acts as a fan, pushes us
back, and the other throws something that bounces us. The third stage is
annoying and frankly the part that is insane. The frogs turn into a slot
machine and send us all kinds of traps.

The bad part is that
in all boss battles, there are multiple stages and challenging battles. I mean,
it’s not really bad, of course, the word is bad. Otherwise, we cannot say
anything other than to say that the developer team has achieved its purpose.
You may feel like you’re going back to those old hard games we’ve been looking
for a long time. There are no boss battles. The developer team has kept the fan
a bit wider. Platform sections are also in the game and if you ask frankly,
boss battles are not as difficult. It’s still hard, but they don’t have a boss
battle. In addition to being easy, they also give you lots of money, which are
in a serious place.

This is easier than
the boss battles, and you’ve entered the sections of the collection and you’ve
finished picking up the pieces. You’re wondering what you can do with the money
you earn? It helps you buy a variety of skills. These abilities can be given as
examples of 1 extra life-giving projectile, bullets following the enemy,
bullets returning from the same location as boomerang. You can manage your
skills and challenge the enemy according to your style of play.

I haven’t mentioned
the difficulty options in the game, for example, I’ll tell them right away.
Simple and regular have 2 different challenges. Simple mode, seriously easy. If
you win in the Simple difficulty setting, your path opens, but you cannot
collect the spirit, unfortunately. Also, you cannot see the real capacity of
the boss battle. If you’re going to try the Simple difficulty mode to find out
what the boss is like, I can tell you first, it doesn’t even show half the
power of the boss.

Regular difficulty is
a challenge for players who are looking for those tough old games. Every boss
battle turns into a full bullet hell. You don’t understand where it came from
or where it went. The boss you’re fighting, he puts all his strength against
you. This includes more fever, more abilities than in Simple difficulty mode.
They call it the difficulty setting Regular, but this is Hell. If you somehow
manage to win in the Regular difficulty setting, you’re both coming and
collecting the boss’s spirit. With these spirits you collect, you can move to
the next section.

Your eyes are looking
for those old hard games, but if you can’t find the game in the style you want,
I definitely believe that you should definitely give Cuphead a chance to be a
guest. If you are one of those who are not looking for the old hard games, I
would definitely recommend the game again. Cuphead is a game that everybody
should try once.

Available in the Chrome Store

Super Mario Bros u Deluxe New Tab for Google Chrome

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe, as we said before, is the Super Mario Bros. The U game has been
refurbished and adapted for Switch. Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe also features
New Super Luigi U. Thus, the number of episodes that you will play is doubled.

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has a total of five characters. These are Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette and Nabbit. Although Mario, Luigi and Toad play a lot of things, playing with Toadette and Nabbit makes things a little easier. Super Mario Bros. Toadette, our new added character with U Deluxe, is transformed into a Peachette with the Super Crown item you can find in the game, gaining gliding and double-hopping abilities. Nabbit isn’t influenced by the creatures in the game, so the game turns into a platform game you just run straight.

Super Mario Bros.
There are 82 different sections in U Deluxe. These sections are designed on
different themes and their challenges are increasing. In the beginning, you can
find your way through the sections by waving your hand and then trying yourself
for the twentieth time. Particularly in the end of the game, some of the
sections you encounter may cause you to send plenty of greetings to the

If you think you’re a
patient, even, and even if you enjoy pain, Nintendo also thought of you. With
the New Super Luigi U you can play these 82 episodes again, but unlike the
normal sections, your time here is incredibly short and you can’t complete the
episode at the slightest slowness. In New Super Luigi U, your characters can jump
higher but you can’t play with Mario.

In addition to the
tasks in the main story of the game, there are also secret places waiting to be
discovered. If you think there’s a different secret section in almost every
section, you’ll have to play every part over and over again. Super Mario Bros.,
You can play U Deluxe together with your friends for up to four people. Already
the biggest pleasure of the game is also here. By working together at some
points, you can quickly complete the parts, or stay in the middle of complete

Super Mario Bros.’s
one of the biggest problems U Deluxe has is the recording system. In the game
you can only get records after the boss fights. If you play after recording and
you die after a few chapters pass, you are losing your progress. There is also
a Quick Record system in the game, but if you leave the game without using it,
or if the Nintendo Switch is out of charge, you have to play from your last
record. Although it seems like a simple thing, it is not a pleasant experience
to have to play a part where you have to swallow cold sweat.

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe gives 1080p when we connect to a TV unit and 720p when we play in
portable mode. In both modes the game comes with 60 FPS locked. With the
exception of the two troubles experienced by the controls, Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe in general, the game runs on the Nintendo Switch, I can say.

The graphics of the
game stand really great on the Nintendo Switch. Your console is absolutely
successful. But I can’t say what I said about the graphics for the music of the
game. The music of the game is repetitive; it becomes annoying after a point rather
than making you excited.

Super Mario Bros. U
Deluxe, Super Mario Bros. U successfully conveys the game to the next
generation. If you like pure fun-oriented games and Super Mario Bros. Super
Mario Bros. U Deluxe is really a game to be taken. Especially if you are
playing with your family or friends, one of the best games you can get is Super
Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Sunset Overdrive New Tab for Google Chrome

I think the PC performance of Sunset Overdrive is one of the most curious issues of PC gamer. First of all, I have to say that Sunset Overdrive is a good old game. Although it has been almost 5 years since its first release, the game looks good on PC. Both in terms of coatings and lightnings, Sunset Overdrive offers a very good visuality considering the open world it offers. Of course, this visuality is also linked to the graphic structure of the game.

Using the game engine
developed by Insomniac Games, Sunset Overdrive’s cartoon-like graphics engine
looks pretty good on the PC. A very good job has been done in terms of
optimization. I have experienced Sunset Overdrive on a low-performance computer
to test. However, I was able to play the game fluently in medium settings
without any problems such as any FPS drop, hanging, warming, since I was doing
a very good job on optimization. Of course, I recommend that you play Sunset
Overdrive at least in the recommended system requirements to play the action
with fast reflexes and jumping bounce with better graphics. Of course he was in
control. Although the game has been ported to the PC, it is certainly not a
game to be played on the keyboard mouse, Sunset Overdrive.

For those who do not
know how Sunset Overdrive is a game? Sunset Overdrive is an open world action,
shooter and platform game. You are trying to clear the mutated creatures
invading Sunset City with your own designed character, doing challenge
missions, developing your character and weapons and doing more scattered tasks
in the open world. The story is almost non-existent. But you never feel the
lack of this story. Platform and shooter mechanics are so perfectly designed.
The mechanics of the game work really well.

It is very enjoyable
to try new weapons, to open up new skills and to try them. The game’s smooth
running mechanics and track elements allow you to enjoy the Sunset Overdrive,
which is a shallow story. Although the story is weak, Insomniac Games has done
a very good job on the characters. Every character you meet in the game makes
you feel strange and unique. In Sunset City it is possible to find a character
from every head. This makes you feel like a character in the comic book world.
Sunset Overdrive is a game based entirely on fun as the character development
is detailed, and equipment such as weapons and traps is abundant.

We can say that the
game itself is a mess. Sunset Overdrive officially jump in the open world Kill
the enemy, defeat a place, accumulate amps, make more combo, kill more enemies,
climb from the towers on the hills of houses, then kill more enemies. The
game’s smooth mechanics normally make this formula fun from simple to very
simple. Insomniac Games has really used his action game experience perfectly.
Moreover, the same company later developed Marvel  Spider-Man with climbing, platform and action
elements again worked very well under the signature of a game.

To sum up, Sunset
Overdrvie takes the fun on Xbox One to the PC platform as it is. For those who
are looking for a game that will listen to the head, a very good alternative on
the PC. PC optimization is also very good game, I would strongly recommend
action game lovers. One of the best productions of its kind is the Sunset
Overdrive. But as a note: I recommend you to play with the controller, albeit
on the PC.

Resident Evil 2 Remake New Tab for Google Chrome

The story of the
zombie, which is handled in almost all written and visual art forms, has become
a part of our imagination. In the movies we watch, the novels we read or the
games we play, we always have this question: What would we do if there was a zombie
invasion? I’m sure you’ve all gone through heroic stories. Although I think we
have a bad news, I have a bad news; Most of us would be zombies in this big
city complex where we were probably…

There is another city similar to this mess, and it is Raccoon City. Raccoon City, one of the most important locations of the Resident Evil world, is the main place of Resident Evil 2, although we cannot get around much in the streets. The city, where Umbrella Company carved the bell pepper like the first game, invites us to an adventure full of action and fear.

Resident Evil 2
Remake is a revamped version of RE2 that came out 21 years ago. We are
witnessing the story of the characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The
film, which was produced 2 months after the first game, tells the story of the
zombie epidemic to reach global levels. In short, the crisis of the Umbrella
Company and of course the endless ambition of the people as a result of the
outbreak, Raccoon City is in the streets.

 Although Leon and Claire are the characters
we’re familiar with for the players who have gotten rid of the Resident Evil
series, they actually enter the story with this game. We see him as a young
girl coming to see his brother, Chris Redfield, and we see Leon S. Kennedy as a
rookie on his way to Raccoon City. In fact, Leon fell into this rumble within
the first day I’ve never dreamed of my first day at work I also did not
imagine. At the beginning of the game you can testify to this breathless
adventure from two different angles of intersecting paths.

By the way, I have
another point to mention. Yes, Resident Evil 2 is a remake game, but the
production team has managed to add some very nice details to the game. Both the
starting scenes of the game and some scenes that we know by heart are adorned
with brand new details. While this is a nostalgic look at the game, it also
allows us to embrace innovations. Moreover, these innovations are not only in
the plot but also in the game.

This is the
similarity of the character choices we made at the very beginning. So you start
the game by choosing one of two characters as in the original game. Let’s take
this first start as Leon A and Claire A. When you finish the game with one of
these 2 characters, you unlock the other character’s B scenario. So if you
finish the script with Leon and A, the Claire character’s scenario B is opened.
In the same way, when you finish Claire A script, you are reaching the scenario
of Leon B. In this way, you are handling the events in a different way than the
other character. So in the scenario of Leon’s Claire, where Claire is or what
he is doing, we witness this when you start Claire’s script B, and we look at
things from a different window. These allow you to track events in a different
way and encounter new characters and increase the duration of the gameplay.

Let’s talk about the
gameplay time and the difficulty modes. The game is really short if you take
over the single scenario. In other words, it is possible to finish between 6
and 8 hours by searching around me and moving very slowly. If you act a little
faster, this time may even fall below 5 hours. Additional scenarios or modes of
difficulty will extend this period, of course, but if we take the overall
average we can say that the game is finished in 7 hours in a single scenario.

When we look at the
difficulty modes, we meet 3 different categories. When you select the Assisted
mode, the aim assist comes on. So, when you target, there is an automatic
lock-up to the zombies. If you choose this mode which you can easily describe
as easy, you are slowly filling up and experiencing more ineffective enemies.
We can handle the standard difficulty mode as normal. In hardcore mode there is
a different situation. When you select this mode, you can only register by
finding ink. Ink Ribbon has a limited number of inks, which increases the
tension of the game. So if you have not saved at all, you are likely to return
to the top of the game. When you select this mode, I must also say that more
challenging enemies are waiting for you. I wish there was an intermediate
difficulty in the standard difficulty mode where we could get a record with the
ribbon. The reason why I’ve been talking about the difficulty modes for a long
time here is some imbalances in zombies.

One of the most
successful points of Resident Evil 2 is undoubtedly the atmosphere. If you play
the original game imagined in your imagination, in the Remake version, you
encounter scenes similar to your dreams. Misty and dark corridors, wind and
rain through the glass, those creepy squeaks that you’ll feel at every corner
… There are many elements in the game that are similar and complement the
atmosphere. I must say that both character voice and sound effects are very
successful. Especially the atmospheric sounds let you be on the thorn in every
moment of the game.

Although Resident
Evil 2 is a Remake, it is a game that is much more than a remake. I can even
say that the game is a slap to Remake productions. In the sense of space
design, it is a structure that tries to remain as faithful as possible to its
essence and in a graphical sense it has a structure that has literally jumped.

In short, I can say
that the old version of the Resident Evil 2 remains as faithful as possible,
but that it reinforces it with new technology, sound and visual effects. I hope
Capcom’s deep-rooted change in recent years and the success it has achieved has
caught up with the sales of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Because when you finish the
game you will have to wait for the next game in your mind, and there will be
only one word in your ear … STARSSSSSS….

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! New Tab for Google Chrome

Game Freak developed
by Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee, made its debut for
Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Yellow Pokemon in 1998, we can say a renewed state:
Let’s Go Pikachu! offers a beautiful Pokemon experience.

There is no doubt that one of the most favorite areas of Pokemon lovers is Kanto. In this region where many people experience the first Pokemon experience, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! We’re going back. In the game, we try to catch 151 Pokemon (first generation) and two new Pokemon (Melton and Mel metal). In the game there are almost all the regions that will be remembered by those who follow the anime series or those who play the old games. Vermillion City, Celadon City is even here with the unforgettable music of Lavender Town. In short, it is time to revive the memories.

Pika Pika

Pokemon: Let’s Go
Pikachu! Our Pikachu will stand by us throughout the game. With our partner,
who is our biggest helper in the game, we have to take care of the Play with
Pikachu section from the menu. When you advance your friendship, sometimes they
even have gifts for us. He can also use some special skills in battles. I must
say that this mode is definitely morale corrector

Pokemon: Let’s Go
Pikachu!, comes to us with some big changes. The most important of all is that
we no longer encounter random pokemons and we are not fighting. All of the
Pokemon are wandering in the wilderness and we have the opportunity to capture
what we want. This is definitely the most beautiful change in the game. In
order to catch a Geodude, when we think of the old games we had to fight with
dozens of Zubat Pokemon: This change of Let’s Go Pikachu!

The second biggest
change made by the game is the Pokemon capture system. In previous games, we
had to reduce Pokemon and then Pokeball to catch Pokemon. In Pokemon: Let’s Go
Pikachu !, this system was modified with the capture system of Pokemon GO. For
those who don’t know, when we interact with a wild Pokemon, Pokemon appears on
the screen. There is a circle around the pokemon indicating a challenge (green
for easy, red if it is difficult, yellow between the two) and it is shrinking.
If we take a Pokeball when the circle becomes smaller, we are more likely to

Although the new
capture system may seem simple, it brings some nonsense. All Pokemon have a
special animation on the capture screen. But in Pokemon GO Pokeball: Let’s Go
Pikachu! In particular, the flying Pokemon on the screen to the left and left,
you have to remove Switch and turn it in the direction of Pokemon. However,
when playing on your TV or joycon, there is no way to throw the ball sideways.
You will wait for the Pokemon to appear. If we assume that the Pokemon has
escaped at the end of a certain period of time, the problem is felt seriously.

The things that the
Pokemon capture system brings are not just fun, of course. Pokemon: Every Pokemon
IV in Let’s Go Pikachu! has hidden stats called Individual Value. This is a
system that is assigned randomly at the time we catch Pokemon and makes each
Pokemon unique. These stats can be between 0 and 31. These statues can be
increased by playing Pokemon Candy.

Pokemon: Let’s Go
Pikachu! To do this, we need to talk about the Catching Combo system added to
the game. The logic of the system is simple. The more you catch the same
Pokemon in succession, the more Pokémon will have a much higher status (and
even the Shiny). As our Catching Combo rate increases, the likelihood of rare
Pokemon (such as Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, the initial Pokemon of the
Kanto region) will increase. If you catch Pokemon other than the Pokemon you
have made, if you miss one of the Pokemon you have serialized, if you save the
game or quit the game, your series will be broken. Keep in mind.

Pokémon: Let’s Go
Pikachu! ‘S (or changed) features are also called Secret Techniques. Pokemon
Yellow in the name of HM these capabilities are 5 in total. You can learn about
the ability to cut trees (Light Up), surf over water (Sea Skim), push the rocks
or rocks (Strong Push) and fly (Sky Dash) to learn from these people in the
game. You also don’t have to give up your Pokemon abilities to learn these
abilities, as in Pokemon Yellow.

Our aim in the game
is to fight the Pokemon trainers in the cities with the Pokemon trainers called
Gym Leader, join the Pokemon league and beat Kanto’s known instructors with the
name Elite Four. The main task in the game is to find and train special Pokemon
for each.

The battle system in
the game has not been changed. However, the new color palette and visuality of
the game has gone to the next level. Part of the experience we gained during
the war is divided into the Pokemon you carry with you. It will be better if
you decide which Pokemon level you want to upgrade.

Pokemon: Let’s Go
Pikachu! it was really successful. Especially the innovations brought to the
game really work and you can enjoy every moment of the game. Even though it has
small problems, Nintendo Switch is a game not to be missed for Pokemon fans.
Meanwhile Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! version, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! A little
easier than the version. The reason for this is that Eevee can learn skills
from almost all potential evolution. Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! while it is
appealing to players who like a little more difficult. But just to build
friendship with Pikachu, this version can be preferred. Because it’s not
someone else’s, your Pikachu!

Far Cry New Dawn New Tab for Google Chrome

Surprised by Ubisoft,
Far Cry NEW Dawn was able to attract attention, even with the post-apocalyptic
theme. Although it hasn’t been long after Far Cry 5 has been released, how can
it be different from Far Cry 5 to meet a new Far Cry game? It brings the question.
Does the changing theme mean that there are radical changes in gameplay? Let’s
talk briefly about the story of Far Cry NEW Dawn before moving on to the
dynamics of gameplay.

After the apocalypse…

At the end of Far Cry
5, a strange person of the cult leader, listening to his father Joseph Seed’s
song, suddenly witnessed a massive explosion and witnessed that the entire
world was suddenly turned upside down. Far Cry NEW Dawn also starts right after
this point. We are waking up to a world that has been overturned, trying to
understand what has happened in the post-apocalyptic world where a new order
has been established instead of the old order being destroyed.

New order means new
communities, a new currency and new bad. In Far Cry NEW Dawn, there are 3
different communities. One of them is a group of people who can be called
civilians, who try to survive. The other is still a group of disciples who use
more arrows and bows as arms, bound to Joseph Seed. The other is also the
well-armed Highwaymen group, led by Mickey and Lou, the chief villains of the
game. Defending our group of survivors against Highwaymen, taking back the
territories occupied by these gangs and obtaining the new currency of the Far
Cry NEW Dawn, which is called Ethanol, as much as possible from the fuel that
is the new currency, and developing our main base called Prosperity, is our
main goal in the game.

Far Cry NEW Dawn’s
main mechanics is based on trying to develop our main base, Prosperity. In
fact, such that the game directly to the main task to run, without tricking the
story-oriented, you cannot say I’ll hang out. After performing certain story
tasks, the game asks you to improve Prosperity in order to take on a new story.
To do this, you should put the script aside, take over the region, rob a
caravan, search for resources and collect Ethanol. The source you collect is
then used in various expansions. For example, garage development for vehicle
supply, agriculture and livestock development where the plants you need to make
a health bag are developed, as well as the development of arsenal for making
weapons. Speaking of weapons, the game has a good variety of weapons.

I think the biggest
innovation of the game is the variety of weapons. It’s a lot of fun, especially
when you can make a massacre with a sharp impeller and a lot of enemies. As
with your character’s level, your weapons have a level. As you level up, you
are able to make new weapons. With the resources you collect, semi-automatic,
full-automatic rifles bazooka, various bombs, and flame weapons,
post-apocalyptic when you think of many strange weapons that come to mind. By
using the resources you collect in the same way, you can also get from the
post-apocalyptic vehicle models we are familiar with from the world of Mad Max.
You can see the post-apocalyptic world theme only in this variety of tools and
weapons. Environment and space design does not give you the feeling that you
are in a post-apocalyptic world. You feel like you are on the map of Far Cry 5
burnt forests. There’s also a purple color. It is interspersed with a pinkish
purple color that is left to right and let us not forget that we are in a
post-apocalyptic world.

In the NEW Dawn where
task structures and character development options are not much different from
previous Far Cry games, small puzzles have been placed on some side missions
and main missions. If we said a puzzle, let’s not think of the designs that you
can think of and think of, head to Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles are simple.
It’s not fun to solve. It feels like a waste of time when you’re unpacking. Was
it possible to extend the duration of the gameplay? I can’t think of anything
else. A dreamlike, dreamy world as the classic Far Cry tasks that, that per

 As you can play co-op tasks, you can also play
artificial intelligence characters with you. Not even a dog! Besides, the dog
is more helpful when you run from left to right and hit and hit the ground and
the dog is waiting for you. He takes down the enemy’s weapon, attacks him without
fear. Thinking puts you on the ground. One of the few nice things I like about
the game was this doggy.Far Cry NEW Dawn has a game mode where you try to
survive against enemy raids until you get back to the area and try to steal a
zone by a helicopter called expeditions. We can say that this mode brings some
mobility to the ordinary task structure.

Far Cry New Dawn,
which continues the story of Far Cry 5, resembles an expansion pack rather than
a continuation game. All the Far Cry games we have seen on the task structure,
resource collection, base development, fantastic weapons, descending from the
sky loot boxes and violet tint was stolen. So Far Cry New Dawn’s name is new,
promises of entertainment is quite old. Far Cry New Dawn tastes like a bit of
fruit. But the impeller is fun!