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Thorntree Studios, the producer of the addictive game, for those who want to conquer the world with a small ball, is in front of gamers with its new game Published on March 25, 2016, the game in the United States in both the general application and game category was the most downloaded application. How to play, where snakes are replaced by balls in

First of all, is playable on the web, iOS and Android. The game started by selecting a user name, in fact, is similar to the classic snake game on mobile phones. The aim of is to enlarge your snake and enter the 10 Top 10 ”lists of the best of the game like You can follow your status in the general ranking in the “Leaderboard” section in the upper right corner of the screen.
In order to do this, you need to cut off the ones that come before you, to blow up other snakes, to explode and to eat their leftovers. Of course, doing so, as the name of the game to crawl like a snake (slither) is a must. The rules are simple, but the snake is a bit difficult to grow.

The game has already been addictive with its simple gaming structure and fun. When you meet a big snake, you don’t need to be scared and run away. Because if you can get in front of that snake and cut your way, you win.
It is also possible to personalize the snake in All you need to do is share your results via Facebook or Twitter. also offers you special snake skin alternatives called ither Slither Skin.


Minion Rush New Tab for Google Chrome


Today, we’re looking at Gameloft, one of the most important developers on the Android platform, as a rival to everyone’s favorite games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run: Minion Rush.

 The game is inspired by Despicable Me. Gru’s servants in the film, we control the yellow, sweet, naughty minions in the game. Again, as in other games of this genre, quests, characters, power-up empowerment comes out. With different different enhancements, you witness different fun moments. Sometimes you even fly down when the power-up time is over. This will end your game. Both beautiful and dangerous.

The use of minions as characters in the game increases our sympathy for the game. Gameloft thought about it well. However, it is not known whether Gru, Agnes, or any other film character would have attracted so much attention.


All of the characters have a different characteristic. One boosts power-IP boosts, one adds a different feature, one doubles the collected bananas. They all work differently. That is the characters that are not taken for sheer pretension just like their counterparts in the game.


With the latest updates, the characters have been upgraded. You can now improve the features of the characters and upgrade them. For example, if the referee character extends the Mega Minyon enhancement by 10 seconds, it can go up to 15-20 seconds with the enhancements.

In our game, we always get different tasks. Again in this game the multiplier score is important for us. But there is a difference, the multiplier in the game when we make the so-called crazy movement can increase. This makes you earn points a little faster while running to the high score.


We take our duties from three different people (s). We take it from Gru, Dr. Nephario or Gru’s daughters. There are constantly different, increasingly difficult tasks. As you complete missions, your multiplier increases.


The game is constantly being updated by Gameloft. At first there was only one map in the game, now the number of maps output up to five. The option to run in different areas is a distinctive feature for players that sets this game apart from other games. The occasional addition of new characters, Halloween or Christmas updates … The game always stays up to date.


As for the voices, it is exactly the sound of those mischievous minions in the film. These sounds of sweet creatures amuse you. You enjoy the game while playing, you have fun and make your face laugh.


Finally, we examine the graphics of the game. The graphics of the game are really ahead of their counterparts. Colorful, color tones, sharpness slightly higher than other games. Again, the graphics quality is much better than other games. The animations of the game are well designed to satisfy us.

Fruit Ninja New Tab for Google Chrome

If we did not briefly summarize our goal in Fruit Ninja; as much fruit as possible, without getting caught in bombs, fast reflexes by making much combo (at least 3 fruits at the same time to get the highest score).

There are four different modes: classic, arcade, Zen and multiplayer. In classic mode, there is no time limit. You are trying to get points by using all the fruits coming in the most efficient way. During this time you need to pay attention to the bombs that appear on the screen. Because if you touch a single bomb, the game is over. On the other hand, you should take care not to miss fruit. You have the right to get a maximum of two fruits in one hand. When you drop the third one, the game is over again.

When we look at the Zen mode, we see that we have a 90-second period. In this mode, there is no limit to fruit hijacking. And there’s no bombs going around. We try to get the highest score by making as many combo as possible. For example, you saw five fruits on the screen. If you can cut all of them with a single finger stroke and make such combos in succession, your score will increase exponentially.

And let’s go to the arcade mode, which is our favorite. It is definitely the most addictive, most fun mode of the game. We’ve got a minute. In the meantime, we should not miss any fruit, because during our time we should always make points that earn points. We can also accelerate the flow of points by making a combo consecutively, paying attention to the bombs. Thus, more fruit on the screen, while at the same time we say hello to some special fruits.

For example, thanks to the colorful bananas, the fruits are flowing like water from the left and right sides of the screen for a short time. If we take the ice banana for a while, the time stops and we increase the one minute period in the first place. Secondly, because the fruits move slowly, we can wait for all to gather together and get the highest score in a single move. Again thanks to the other colored bananas, the points we have received over a limited period of time are multiplied by two. At the end of the time, we should take quite a series of scratches on the fruit of the pomegranate, these moves back to us as bonus points. As you earn points, you can go to the Dojo menu to change the background of the game and the sword you are using.

Trivia Crack New Tab for Google Chrome

Games for mobile devices cover a wide range. All possible game types, both console and box games, appear on mobile platforms with special versions. Trivia Crack manages to overcome this challenge, although it doesn’t seem easy to shine a game that measures and competes information in this crowded community. The game is one of the top downloads of mobile app stores lately.

Trivia Crack reminds one of the popular box games Trivial Pursuit with its game structure and supportive elements in its two player game experience. You need to create an account to log in. Users can open an independent account, as well as Facebook information can open the doors of the game. Logging in via Facebook makes it easier to explore the social aspects of the game. However, it is possible to benefit from social features without Facebook.
Upon completion of the login phase, players are directed to the main screen of Trivia Crack. This screen which is the control center; new game launching, active and completed games, bonuses, such as collecting functions. The players are also told what icon works.

Trivia Crack has two different game types. These classic and challenging genres can be played with friends or against opponents randomly selected by the game. The classic game brings two people face to face. Players determine which category to ask questions by turning the wheel in front of them. There are six categories of questions in the game: science, culture and art, history, geography, sports and entertainment. In the classic game you are given 20 seconds to answer each question. If the question is not answered correctly during this time, the game passes to the opposite party. In Trivia Crack it is worth noting that the gaming experience is not simultaneous and that the parties play in turn. The player who made a mistake loses his turn.

When players know three questions in a row, they answer the question to win the symbol. Players can choose which category’s symbol will be credited. To reach the symbol, it is a shortcut to coincide with the crown on the wheel. The collectors of all six categories win the game. Instead of adding a symbol to their household, players can also challenge their opponents and collide their information to get a symbol of their own.

Diğer Challenge diğer, the other game mode in Trivia Crack, makes the dose of competition feel much better. Players can test their knowledge against friends or a randomly generated group by answering the same questions. Players are asked two questions from each category and are asked to answer a total of 12 questions. The contestant who gives the most correct answer in the shortest time, wins the challenge. If the correct number is equal, the winner determines the time.
The winners of the games earn gold that will allow them to take advantage of the in-game tools. These golds give you the opportunity to benefit from ancillary tools such as wrong answer elimination, double chance and question jump. If the correct answer is filled, the diamond digits will give players diamonds. With the diamonds won, players can buy cards from machines with arms. These cards give players extra life, gold, the right to spin, diamond, and so on.

Clash Of Clans New Tab for Google Chrome

Our game is Clash of Clans. I’ve been playing for about a month. The main goal in the game is to arrange your village wisely and defend against enemies and attack other villages. We can say that this is a strategy game kara There are gold, potions, black potions and stones that operate in the logic of money. We use these to build new buildings in our village and to develop existing buildings. Gold coins; potions with elixir collectors; we can get black potions with potion probes. In order to buy stones, we need to pay real money.

You can build and improve potion collectors and defenses using gold. You can also build gold mines, army camps and barracks using potions. You can build barracks by using black potions and train special soldiers. You can also buy shields, gold, potions with stones and get the builder.

Shields prevent others from attacking your village. As you can get a shield using stone, if someone attacked your village and won, your shield will come free.

Builders build and develop new buildings. Development is not instantaneous. Holds for a certain period of time. If you’re just starting out, you’ll wait a few hours. But as you progress, you have to wait days for days. If you don’t want to wait you can finish using the stone immediately but as I said you need to pay real money for the stone. In addition, when you remove obstacles such as bushes, mushrooms, billets that occur in your village over time, you can find some stones. Another way of getting stone without money is to unlock successes. In this way, you can win xp and stone. Xp is a value that indicates the player’s level.

There is also a shop section in the game. You can buy new buildings (potion collector, mine), shields, decoration items, treasure items, army and defense items from the shop. To buy new items, you need potion, underneath, black potion or stone.

If you build a building built in your village, the damage score increases. In this way, the enemy uses more power to destroy that building. In addition, the speed and capacity of a building is increased. For example, when you develop the gold mine to a higher level, both the development capacity increases and the production speed increases. Produced gold or potions are stored in warehouses. Each item has its own store. We must protect these warehouses so that the enemy does not steal our enemy.

The most important building in the game is the village building. We also need to rise up the village building to build new buildings and further the existing ones. Even if the enemy attacked you and destroyed the village building, it would be considered a winner. Therefore, we must protect village buildings with walls and defensive elements. Because an enemy who cannot wash the village building cannot be considered one hundred percent.

There are groups called clans in the game. A newcomer cannot join a clan immediately. First, the clan must build the castle. After installing the castle you can set up your own clan. You can join another clan if you want. A player can fight with other players and fight clans in clans. Before the start of the clan war there is a preparatory phase. All these clan members fill each other’s clan castle with soldiers. In the war phase, everyone has the right to attack the enemy clan twice. You win a winning win bonus according to the battles you have won. You can collect the spoils after the war. To do this, simply click on the clan goal and hit the ball. You can also ask a member of your clan for troops from other members, even if there is no clan war. In order to fit more soldiers and booty into the clan castle, you must develop the clan fortress.

8 Ball Pool New Tab for Google Chrome

8 Ball Pool is one of the most played pool games in the world. 8 Ball Pool is available for game lovers free of charge in the Android infrastructure. The number of active players is close to 100 million. Because there is a very well designed level system. It is also in your hands to win prizes in games that are successful in game money.

The 8 Ball Pool game offers players the opportunity to compete with everyone thanks to the tournament mode it offers, unlike the classic billiard games. You can log in to Facebook to show your friends how well you play billiards, or to the opponents you don’t know. This way, you can challenge one of your friends to invite him to a duel. Coins in the game determine the prize of the match.

With the matches you win, you can enter the table of the better players with higher bets with the money you get. You can double your prize with special tournaments of 8 people. You also get a chance to win various special items and advanced cues at your fingertips. You can buy new cues or different game particles with the coins you earn through the integrated market. You can use various visuals to intimidate your opponents so that you can exert psychological pressure on the other side. 8 Ball Pool is more than just playing billiards.

8 Ball Pool, which has become a social network in addition to playing billiards, allows you to play high-excited matches without interruption thanks to its wonderful infrastructure. You’re performing on a bet with a billiards who play the game in another country through an internet connection. To increase your rankings in the overall ranking, taking the risk in 8 Ball Pool is the biggest factor.

Super Mario Run New Tab for Google Chrome

Super Mario Run has been opened to iPad, iPhone and iPod users on iOS with a system that we call freemium. There are 6 different worlds in the game and as in the classic Super Mario games; there are 3 main sections and 1 boss section in each world.

Hours after Super Mario Run was released, he was able to take place in the list of the most downloaded free games all over the world. Is it the kind of adventure we’re used to, unlike the Mario games, the first time in the endless running type of Mario game, Nintendo, did he really succeed?

Did Super Mario Run make a splash because it was the thrill of the 90s, or was it really a successful game? The answer to this question is; Nintendo consoles Mario games for years playing as one of the Super Mario Run review will give.

The game, which has a size of 195 MB, stands out as an example of the endless run that we call endless run. Unlike the same type of games, Super Mario Run has many different mechanics. It doesn’t look much different from Super Mario Bros in terms of climbing, enemy killing and advancement, but as in the endless run games, Super Mario runs constantly and you can only stop at certain checkpoints.

After playing the first three episodes, the trial expires and you need to buy it on the App Store for more. Nintendo, which always aims to be different in the game industry and realizes this goal, has long avoided mobile platforms. Mario, the cult game character; NES, Gameboy, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS / 3DS, Wii and Wii, Nintendo, Wii and Wii platform.


Temple Run 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Temple Run 2 came out at a time, quietly shot. The iPad Mini also looks so good in every aspect. While adding highly innovative features, the developer team has managed not to disrupt the essence of the game. In short, if you liked the first Temple Run, even if you played as addictive as everyone else playing, the second game can spend you uncanny hours.

After a short time, we had the chance to review the upcoming game on the iPad Mini, so it was like a cillop, so to speak images (which I think should be permissible). In the first game he left the place of a lot of smoother animations in the animated animations, the character designs also afford a little more aesthetic. Of course, the design of the space is less pointed, the effect of the roads are not all flat, most have a slope. Thus the dynamics of running afford quite fluent.

And now we have three little monkeys behind us, and one gorilla is following us. Gorilla can be described as this person to escape the character and mind can come to think much more logical. Because when you play the game you can see how big it is, you can start to run the phone.

Speaking of space design, it is important to note that there are many changes to the dynamics of gameplay. We run on high roads, not even at the water level, even at the clouds, and the only thing we can do is not run like the first game.

Thanks to the Green Gem in the game, we can get away with time and continue our escape from where we are. Of course, during each game, the number of Gems required by each drop increases exponentially, so you should either buy these Gems by paying real money or look carefully. In short, Imangi Studios seems to have found a very simple way to earn money from the game.

We go into the mines and drive the mine carts, we can slip by the meters hanging on the hanging ropes. Also, we can move the phone or tablet left and right and reach to the edge and collect the gold.

Basically with the same control mechanism as the first game, Temple Run 2 takes the chase from the sea level to the skies. This time we are running on the high roads from the ground and our lives are passing in front of our eyes when we fall. It is likely that the producer team will calculate the time of the fall and the impact on the ground, which we can revive when we die. To do this, the first bonus in the first game is using a different system: Green Gem.

These Green Gems, which we earn as we level up, and can buy with real money, are used to return both from death and to activate special bonuses. So with Temple Run 2, the micro-payment system is a little more prominent but more refined.

Going back to the dynamics of the game, this fluency shows itself quite successfully in the design of the department. The only thing we did in Temple Run 2 is not just run anymore; We are able to hold and release ropes between cliffs, enter the mines and proceed in the Hugo atmosphere in mine cars. Another thing added to the series with TR2 is our new enemy, our gorilla. As we used to, we don’t run out of three monkeys, we’re only dealing with a big gorilla.

To sum it up, Temple Run 2 surprisingly emerges from the first game on a run-down floor and a beautiful floor, like a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. Of course, there is a lot to add to such a minimal game, but we are also waiting in the third game. Some players may not like the turn of the game’s color palette to the day, but the refreshment is good, the refreshment is the best.

Candy Crush Saga New Tab for Google Chrome

In Candy Crush Saga three or preferably more sugar, the same color in the order of a sequence of crushed to disappear. This fun game is offered for free among Android apps and is played by the whole world.

It’s a game that goes without stopping! The new Candy Crush Jelly Saga with Jelly Queen is full of cheerful new game modes, features and boss battles! Play as Jenny, show off your Jelly moves and match Candy to the shaky Jelly Queen. Every sweet move Jelly will last longer and whoever takes the most time will be the winner! Do you trust your moves?

A wonderful new empowering and dream-like world of candies in the Candy Kingdom is waiting for you to discover them! Play this fun story with your friends to see who gets the best score or the highest score!

Candy Crush Saga is one of today’s most popular games. One of the games that are constantly being played and continuously played from devices with Android operating system. With Candy Crush Saga, you can be sure that you are playing the best game of confectionery. Candy Crush Saga offers its users time and time because of the features it offers, but users like the game very much like Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga is quite comfortable and quite nice game on Android devices, Candy Crush Saga candies and puzzle games. The free game offered for Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

Pokemon Go New Tab for Google Chrome

Game Freak developed by Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee, made its debut for Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Yellow Pokemon in 1998, we can say a renewed state: Let’s Go Pikachu! offers a beautiful Pokemon experience.

There is no doubt that one of the most favorite areas of Pokemon lovers is Kanto. In this region where many people experience the first Pokemon experience, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! We’re going back. In the game, we try to catch 151 Pokemon (first generation) and two new Pokemon (Melton and Mel metal). In the game there are almost all the regions that will be remembered by those who follow the anime series or those who play the old games. Vermillion City, Celadon City is even here with the unforgettable music of Lavender Town. In short, it is time to revive the memories.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! Our Pikachu will stand by us throughout the game. With our partner, who is our biggest helper in the game, we have to take care of the Play with Pikachu section from the menu. When you advance your friendship, sometimes they even have gifts for us. He can also use some special skills in battles. I must say that this mode is definitely morale corrector

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!, comes to us with some big changes. The most important of all is that we no longer encounter random pokemons and we are not fighting. All of the Pokemon are wandering in the wilderness and we have the opportunity to capture what we want. This is definitely the most beautiful change in the game. In order to catch a Geodude, when we think of the old games we had to fight with dozens of Zubat Pokemon: This change of Let’s Go Pikachu!

The second biggest change made by the game is the Pokemon capture system. In previous games, we had to reduce Pokemon and then Pokeball to catch Pokemon. In Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu !, this system was modified with the capture system of Pokemon GO. For those who don’t know, when we interact with a wild Pokemon, Pokemon appears on the screen. There is a circle around the pokemon indicating a challenge (green for easy, red if it is difficult, yellow between the two) and it is shrinking. If we take a Pokeball when the circle becomes smaller, we are more likely to catch.

Although the new capture system may seem simple, it brings some nonsense. All Pokemon have a special animation on the capture screen. But in Pokemon GO Pokeball: Let’s Go Pikachu! In particular, the flying Pokemon on the screen to the left and left, you have to remove Switch and turn it in the direction of Pokemon. However, when playing on your TV or joycon, there is no way to throw the ball sideways. You will wait for the Pokemon to appear. If we assume that the Pokemon has escaped at the end of a certain period of time, the problem is felt seriously.

The things that the Pokemon capture system brings are not just fun, of course. Pokemon: Every Pokemon IV in Let’s Go Pikachu! has hidden stats called Individual Value. This is a system that is assigned randomly at the time we catch Pokemon and makes each Pokemon unique. These stats can be between 0 and 31. These statues can be increased by playing Pokemon Candy.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! To do this, we need to talk about the Catching Combo system added to the game. The logic of the system is simple. The more you catch the same Pokemon in succession, the more Pokémon will have a much higher status (and even the Shiny). As our Catching Combo rate increases, the likelihood of rare Pokemon (such as Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, the initial Pokemon of the Kanto region) will increase. If you catch Pokemon other than the Pokemon you have made, if you miss one of the Pokemon you have serialized, if you save the game or quit the game, your series will be broken. Keep in mind.

Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! ‘S (or changed) features are also called Secret Techniques. Pokemon Yellow in the name of HM these capabilities are 5 in total. You can learn about the ability to cut trees (Light Up), surf over water (Sea Skim), push the rocks or rocks (Strong Push) and fly (Sky Dash) to learn from these people in the game. You also don’t have to give up your Pokemon abilities to learn these abilities, as in Pokemon Yellow.

Our aim in the game is to fight the Pokemon trainers in the cities with the Pokemon trainers called Gym Leader, join the Pokemon league and beat Kanto’s known instructors with the name Elite Four. The main task in the game is to find and train special Pokemon for each.

The battle system in the game has not been changed. However, the new color palette and visuality of the game has gone to the next level. Part of the experience we gained during the war is divided into the Pokemon you carry with you. It will be better if you decide which Pokemon level you want to upgrade.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! it was really successful. Especially the innovations brought to the game really work and you can enjoy every moment of the game. Even though it has small problems, Nintendo Switch is a game not to be missed for Pokemon fans. Meanwhile Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! version, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! A little easier than the version. The reason for this is that Eevee can learn skills from almost all potential evolution. Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! while it is appealing to players who like a little more difficult. But just to build friendship with Pikachu, this version can be preferred. Because it’s not someone else’s, your Pikachu!