Real Steel Boxing Champions New Tab for Google Chrome

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you will use various robots to fight other robots in the boxing ring. There are currently 24 robots divided into 4 levels. Each layer represents the basic strength of each robot, even when the first-tier robots are fully upgraded, they will have no chance against the second-tier robots.

During the fights, you will use a virtual controller at the bottom of the screen with movement buttons and 4 other buttons, including light attack, heavy attack, block and special attack. The light and heavy attack buttons can be combined with the movement buttons to change their attacks, resulting in a total of 8 normal attacks and 1 special attack variation. This system is quite common in mobile fighting games, but the fighting in this game is beautifully designed and very smooth and difficult.

As you play, you will receive Real Money, the in-game currency used to buy, upgrade and change the color scheme of your robots. Upgrading is an integral part of the game as it strongly increases your chances of winning against opponents. As I said before, the game is very difficult and it is very difficult to fight with robots that have high stats and even statistics equal to yours.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing uses the energy system commonly found in free mobile games and web games; every time you fight, you lose one point of energy, you win or lose, and if you end, you have to stop playing for a while. You get a score every 10 minutes, but you start with just five, which means you have to wait 50 minutes to regain the energy used for just five fights. Obviously, there is a way to recover your energy more quickly and even increase your energy capacity, but as you probably have guessed, you’ll need to remove your credit card to do so.

Real Steel World Boxing uses a side-shift system that will definitely limit your movement to the left and right. The 3D models are very well designed and if you watch the movie, you will be pleased to see the robots in the movie that appear in the game.

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