Shadow Fight 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Shadow Fight, played by nearly 40 million users on Facebook, is a successful production that combines the elements of role-playing games with a fantastic world. After Facebook, Shadow Fight 2 has switched to mobile platform.

The game, which is very successful in mobile, saves space in the first download by downloading the new section in every scenario and the game is a very enjoyable one. Although Shadow Fight 2 is like a classic fighting game, it is distinguished by its spells, different weapons and customization of your character.

You play a fighter in this awesome RPG game with millions of people playing. You will need to train your character and improve your character with countless deadly weapons and fight the enemies you encounter. Challenge the world by combining your courage and your talent in this exciting story!

Shadow Fight 2 has advanced controls for practical play on touch devices. Using virtual joysticki you can easily punch, kick and special moves. Shadow Fight 2, a blend of classic fighting and role-playing (RPG), starts with great animation on the Windows platform and tries to learn different fighting techniques in line with sensei’s directives.

In the game we started as unarmed, we started to use weapons by improving ourselves and trying to kill the brutal fighters one by one by combining the expertly used weapons with the martial techniques we learned. But we do it for purpose. Our aim is to close the Gate of Shadows, which evil forces will use to make the transition to our world.

In addition to the choice of languages ​​and touch and control options for classic Windows devices, the acclaimed Shadow Fight 2 game will unlock a new weapon and fighter. Weapons that can be used during combat include epic swords, nunchaku, double sai, fan. Of course we also have the chance to wear armor.

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the top 10 games of the past year, with music that changes according to the venue and puts you in a fighting mood. I think he deserves all this success. On the other hand, there is no better fighting game in the Windows Store than Shadow Fight.

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