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stephen curry


Born on March 14, 1988, he is a professional basketball player from the National Basketball Association (NBA) team wearing the Golden State Warriors shirt.

Curry weighs 1.91 m and weighs 86 kg and serves as a point guard. However, the American player has the capacity to play in the Shutor guard position when the team is forced.

In 2011 she married Ayesha Curry and had two daughters, Riley and Ryan Carson.

During his university career, Curry played basketball at Davidson College from 2006 to 2009 and completed his education.

The American player’s spectacular performance of 28.6 points per game in the 2008-09 season made him the nation’s highest-ranked college player. He was also elected to the 5th of the year at the NCA conference.

Curry Davidson has been named Best Southern Conference player of the year twice and has won the John R. Wooden Award. In addition, the player who scored the most fouls in a match broke the records of the player who scored the most three times in a season 30 times and went down to university history.

Stephen Curry is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and former volleyball player Sonya Curry. On April 23, 2009, Stephen Curry announced that he would leave the college where he spent 3 years and participate in the 2009 NBA Draft.

On June 25, the 7th place was selected by the Golden State Warriors. On February 27, 2013, Curry scored 54 points against the New York Knicks, setting a career high. In 2012-13 season, he scored 272 three pointers in regular season and broke the NBA record and scored as three pointers in one season.

Curry also held in Turkey, which fought in the 2010 FIBA ​​World Basketball Championship squad have taken place in the US and has performed well in the tournament, the champion of the country have contributed in taking the gold medal. In the 2016-17 season, he set a record of three pointers in a match against 13 of the three New Orleans Pelicans.

Born in Akron, Ohio, Steph Curry was born to his father Dell and his son Sonya Curry. He started playing basketball at the Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Curry performed effectively in his first season, winning the inter-high school state championship with his team, and with his game he was honored to be the MVP of the tournament.

The American player was identified as one of the top three threes in high school, with a 48% lead in the season. Later, although he was offered a scholarship from the country’s major teams, such as Curry Hokies and Davidson College, he kindly declined the offer and continued his high school career at the Christian school until his education ended.

After his high school career, Curry accepted the offer of Davidson College, one of the NCAA’s top teams, and went there. After receiving the praise of Curry’s team coach, he had the most efficient performance of the season with 32 points, 4 assists and 9 rebounds in the match against University of Michigan.

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Boston Celtics New Tab for Google Chrome

The Boston Celtic is
National Basketball Association (NBA) team in Boston, Massachusetts. The team
is the NBA’s most successful team with 16 championships. The History of the
Boston Celtics was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America
(BAA).The Boston Celtics
was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). He then
became one of the first teams of the NBA to join the league with the rest of
the country.

In 1956, the team, which added Bill Russell, to the ranks of this player has achieved significant success under the leadership of this player. Bill Russell first season in the final. They won their first championship by passing Louis Hawks at the end of 7 games. The next season they met the same team in 1957 and lost the final in 6 games. Later, however, there was a time when no other team had succeeded in the history of the league, and the Celtics won eight championships in 1959. These successes began in 1959 after the Series 4-0 sweeping the Minneapolis Lakers. After a year-long break in 1967, two more championships were won by the Lakers in 1968 and 1969. Meanwhile, Arnold Auerbach, one of the most successful coaches in the history of the NBA, retired after the 1966 championship, and Bill Russell passed the team. After the 1969 championship, he retired from Bill Russell and the magnificent period ended.

boston celtics

Until 1974, the team did
not achieve the achievements. In 1974, the Boston Celtics were rebuilt after
the Milwaukee Bucks in the final, and in 1976 the two more championships were
eliminated by eliminating Phoenix Suns.

After two years of
staff formation, Celtics entered the 1980s with a new lineup of Larry Bird,
Robert Parish and Kevin McHale, and won 3 times and won 3 of them. The first
championship in this period came in 1981. Between 1984 and 1987, he played 4
consecutive finals, winning two more championships in 1984 and 1986. In this
period, there was a very ambitious competition for the 2nd time with the
Lakers. Another dimension of this competition was between Larry Bird and Magic
Johnson. After this period, especially in the 1990s, Celtics entered the
standstill in the 200/2005 season and became the finalist of the Conference.

Boston’s ascent
coincided with the postwar proliferation of television sets in the United
States, helping the team and its players become iconic figures as the sport’s
national profile grew. Among the highlights of the Celtics’ unprecedented
championship run are Russell twice gathering an NBA finals-record 40 rebounds
in a game (1960, 1962) and Havlicek’s series-clinching steal of an inbounds
pass in game seven of the 1965 Eastern Division finals, which elicited the
famous call of “Havlicek stole the ball!” by announcer Johnny Most. The
matchups between Russell, who served as the Celtics’ player-coach from 1966 to
1969 and Wilt Chamberlain, first as a Philadelphia 76er and then with the Los
Angeles Lakers, were at the centre of some of the most dramatic games in NBA
play-off history.

Havlicek was still a key contributor, along with Dave
Cowens, Paul Silas, and Jo Jo White, on teams coached by Heinsohn that won
titles in 1973–74 and 1975–76. The second of those championships included a
dramatic triple-overtime victory over the Phoenix Suns in game five of the
finals. In 1978 the Celtics were involved in an unusual transaction after the
NBA blocked the team’s owner, Irv Levin, from moving the franchise to his
native California. Instead, Levin and John Y. Brown, owner of the Buffalo
Braves, traded franchises. That same year Boston acquired one of the greatest
players in league history—and arguably the most beloved Celtic of all time—when
they selected sharpshooting forward Larry Bird in the NBA draft. The NBA
reached new levels of popularity with the excitement generated by the supremacy
battle between the Lakers led by Magic Johnson and a Celtics team led by Bird
(who had a rivalry with Johnson dating back to their college days), Robert
Parish, Kevin McHale, and Dennis Johnson that advanced to the NBA finals five
times in the 1980s and won championships in 1980–81, 1983–84, and 1985–86.

As the Celtics’ veteran roster grew older, the team had
reduced on-court success. Allen left in free agency in 2012, and the team
traded away Garnett and Pierce after the 2012–13 campaign in an effort to spur
a rebuilding process centred on younger players. That effort bore fruit much
faster than many observers expected, as the Celtics returned to the play-offs
in 2014–15. The team added point guard Isaiah Thomas during that season, and he
proceeded to blossom into an All-Star, leading the team to the best record in
the Eastern Conference in 2016–17. The team’s season ended in the conference
finals after the Celtics lost four games to one to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The
Celtics traded Thomas and other assets for star guard Kyrie Irving in the
off-season and also signed All-Star forward Gordon Hayward. Both players were
limited by significant injuries during the regular season, but the remaining
young Celtics core outperformed expectations, leading Boston to the second best
record in the Eastern Conference and on an unexpectedly long play-off run that
ended in a seven-game conference finals loss to the Cavaliers.

Ford Mustang Bullit 2019 New Tab for Google Chrome

Americans are being
talked about a lot in the auto world these days. It was unthinkable that the
United States did not reveal the weight of the Ford Company. The brand’s
special vehicles were introduced and one of them was the 2019 New Ford Mustang Bullitt.
Everything is normal until “Bullitt”, but what is that last word?
Let’s move on to a bottom line to find answers to questions like this and get
to know the tool better.

Bullitt, released in 1968 in America, the film called The Fate of the Gangster. Many American vehicles were used here. These included the 1968 Ford Mustang GT. In the 50th anniversary of Bullitt, the legendary legend of Mustang, Ford took the 2019 New Ford Mustang Bullitt to the scene in Detroit. Let’s see what features this tool has.


The 2019 New Ford
Mustang Bullitt has a number of differences compared to the ordinary Mustang
models. When we look at the prominent points in this vehicle, the 19-inch black
wheels, red brembo calipers, the special green color attract attention at first.
Spark not used in this tool, Bullitt character reflects very well. On the other
hand, we see the signs of Bullitt on the steering wheel. There is not much
point highlighted out of it. But the leather upholstered recaro sports seats,
12-inch digital dashboard, interior ambience lighting, such as details
fascinate. Technological as well as this device in the blind spot detection,
quality sound system, live traffic information, navigation system is offered in
many features.

You’re also curious
about the power of the new Ford Mustang Bullitt. Let me pass it on. At the
heart of the vehicle is a 5.0-liter V8 engine and produces 475 ps 570 nm of
torque. With this power it can reach a speed of 262 km / h. The price of the
vehicle and the information to be produced are not yet available. The styling,
as iconic as ever, hasn’t been meddled with much. There are new LED headlamps
and rear lights, a new bonnet with extra air scoops (or hood vents, if you want
to go with the American vibe), while the aero has been tweaked a little to
include a new front splitter, an optional boot lip spoiler and more efficient
underbody airflow.

Unmistakably still a Mustang, Ford’s hugely successful ‘Pony
Car’ has been given a round of updates for the 2018 model year, which sees more
power from the big V8 engine, a new automatic gearbox, detail improvements to
the suspension and interior and new safety equipment that has been largely
driven by sharp criticism of the outgoing model’s safety score in the Euro NCAP
tests. On the inside, the cabin has been given the mildest of makeovers with
some new materials and snazzy new all-digital instruments, but the bigger
changes are going on with the oily bits.

The most significant
news is the addition of a new ten-speed (yes, 10 ratios) automatic gearbox,
which is a Ford-built item, not bought in from the likes of ZF or Getrag. It’s
supposed to improve fuel economy (which it doesn’t, much), but definitely
improves performance, knocking a whole half a second off the outgoing 5.0-litre
V8’s 0-62mph time.

Other changes see
more power for that V8 engine (now up to 444bhp) and a new Magneride damper
option for the suspension, which has a few interesting tricks up its sleeve.
Plus, there’s a new collision avoidance braking system with pedestrian
detection, along with active lane keeping steering and adaptive cruise control.
Oh, and for those early-morning airport runs where you don’t want to wake up
the neighbours? The Mustang now has that covered with a programmable ‘quiet’
mode for the bombastic V8’s exhaust. How thoughtful.

Audi R8 New Tab for Google Chrome

Super cars are
designed with a focus on crazy power values; you don’t get to see people in the
traffic to go to work with these vehicles, roam the freeway and get the job
done. But the Audi R8 is different about it, as always. This car is probably
the best mix of a super car and road car, and the R8 has made the line between
the coolest and the crazy with its second generation well-known, good or bad.

Personally, I think the new R8 might be a little crazier. Audi’s second generation of this super car is as easy as an Audi A4 with the help of a world-leading driving technology that’s easy to use from home to home. Even when surfing the highway or on the secondary roads, the R8 feels like a V10 engine rather than an exotic super car.

R8 gives you a
special driving experience when you choose to push it; but I assure you that
this is a compliment that seems like a compliment. The enormous power of the
atmospheric 5.2-liter V10 is immediately evident from the moment you touch the
gas. In this Plus model we tested, the engine in the center of the chassis
provides 610 hp and 560 Nm of torque. The transmission of this to the road is
provided by a four-wheel drive system. Standard R8 V10 – no longer V8 🙁 – $
27,000 cheaper, but the Plus is relatively weaker than the model (540 hp), is
not as agile as the Plus.

The R8 is
surprisingly fast, the 610 hp version completes the acceleration of 0-96 km / h
in 3.2 seconds, and in doing so you feel the vehicle’s conservatism. From
scratch, “It’s too fast!” I can confirm that the response time is
about 0.5 seconds, so we have to take this into account in the acceleration
time. Whether it’s full throttle or not, the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
is always ready to do its job when you’re in control of the steering wheel.
Gear shifts are quick and the V10 is connected to the red line until the engine
is fully connected to you, so the gearbox is ready to react immediately to your
requirements. Yeah, I’m missing the 6 gearboxes on the R8 – especially the gear
shifts – like you. but Audi’s S-tronic transmission is a much better companion
for the 5.2-liter engine with smooth and faster gearshifts, as opposed to the
old R-tronic automatic gearbox.

As with all new Audi’s, the R8 features three options, Auto, Comfort and Dynamic, with a Dynamic Select function where you can adjust the steering wheel, suspension settings and engine / transmission performance. I suggest you two settings; either leave everything completely in Auto, or press the checkered flag button on the steering wheel. This special performance option comes standard on the R8 V10 Plus, and everything is aggressive. A button turns the R8 into a super car from a comfortable ride car in the blink of an eye. For maximum effect, they should paint this button red.


Everything in the
Auto mode, the R8 is very soft, corrects road defects and is easy to use. This
tool is surprisingly agile and opinion, better than you can imagine. With a
light and easy wheel, a feel is no different from maneuvering with a TT. But
when you turn on the performance settings, the R8 “fires” its
comfortable ID and the engine suddenly starts roaring, everything gets more
noisy, just like a red rocket at a time. The $ 1,400 Dynamic Steering package
makes the steering a little harder, but the response is much faster, and the
vehicle moves as if it’s turning around you rather than swinging. Tires adhere
to the road and the suspension hardens and the vehicle is well positioned in
tough corners while maintaining overall stability. When you go to work
comfortably and comfortably go to a vehicle, a car becomes a complete race at
once. Unbelievable.

The R8 V10 Plus is a
vibrant and exciting tool when used in Auto mode. If you are generous in the
gas and steering inputs, the car will fit it appropriately and relax with you
when you decide to calm down. In fact, the difference between a normal car and
a super car in a package is bigger than ever, but much more balanced than other
cars in its class. One of the cars that can get close to the R8 is the McLaren
570S, which can be turned into a racing machine at the time of need. If I had
to choose between the two, it would be a difficult decision – the 570S is
clearly better, but the R8 is a tool I would like to spend every day with.

When you sit on the
R8 and close the door, you don’t go into an interesting world of
super-carriages – you have an Audi all the way to the glass buttons. The
enormous Virtual Cockpit infotainment system in the front section (a secondary
pop-up screen does not appear in the middle of the dashboard as in A4) controls
all functions and there are only two buttons on the steering wheel, one of
which is the red Start Engine that you can easily access with your thumb. Run –
button. All the control keys give a solid feel and the organizations and the
settlements made quite sense. The cabin in general terms is remarkable. The
material quality is first class, the vehicle is quiet and the quilted leather
seats are seriously comfortable and supportive. The design has managed to be special
without being intimidating like a Lamborghini Huracan. It has a unique but
friendly atmosphere – a nice mix of feature and familiarity.

Your eyes are as good
as mine, so you can make your own conclusions in the external design. But when
I talk to my friends and passers-by, the conversations about the design are all
about the beauty of the vehicle – the vehicle looks great, there is no
objection to it – it’s not about it, it’s more a question of how the R8 looks
than its predecessor. The situation is; it is not easy to be the successor of
the original R8, a car that has never been seen before and is a remarkable car.
The sharper edges in this car look much better, and the new coupe is able to
attract as much attention as it once was. The large rear lights, side panels
and huge 20-inch wheels offer a great view.

Still, I’m not sure
that the concept of the super car, suitable for all these everyday uses, works.
If you only have a car and you have a super car in mind, I would definitely
recommend the R8. However, these vehicles are usually the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th
cars of the house, so this is a special experience. In this case, I would
recommend the McLaren 570S or 570GT, which is a bit better in driving, although
it is not as good as the R8 in the interior. If your only vehicle is going to
be a super car, the R8 is what you’ll want to drive every day because of the
comfort and convenience issues I mentioned earlier. But the question is: who
gets these tools for daily use?

Whatever it is,
Audi’s super-day-of-the-day super car is better than ever with its second
generation – it can mean a lot to many people. Comfortable and harmonious, but
can be hot and crazy at any time. Ten years ago, he was a successor to the
iconic coupe model. Though not the hardest child in the R8 class; extremely
extreme example of everyday use, exceptional design, outstanding comfort /
technology and noisy performance.

Bleach New Tab for Google Chrome

Bleach is a manga
series originally produced since 2001. I’d like to point out already that his
squad is much better than you know. This is a somewhat relative concept, but
when I think that the events in the manga are more exciting and detailed, it is
very normal for him to get ahead of the anime. Anyway, let me briefly talk
about Bleach. What’s that bleach joke before you even go to the point? Let me
answer those who say. Bleach means English bleach, whitening. To give such a
name to a manga, it makes people laugh.

The name of our main hero in Bleach is Kurosaki Ichigo. It is a character that will teach us how friendship, sacrifice and real power emerged throughout the anime. He’s a 15-year-old normal student, but he’s not exactly normal. In contact with the dead, Ichigo runs a clinic with his father and two siblings. Her mother died in a tragedy. One day he meets Kuchiki Rukia, who is a god of death and a Shinigami. The meeting part is a bit odd because Rukia suddenly appears in the window of Ichigo. The reason why Rukia is in Ichigo’s house is to defeat a hollow. Rukia, injured while fighting with Hollow, gives his powers to Ichigo. Ichigo, who has acquired the powers of Shinigami and can communicate with the dead, begins to destroy the hollows with Rukia.


Bleach’s general
theme is the death gods, which are focused on destroying evil spirits, but
there is much more to it. Drama, comedy, romantic comedy and adventure elements
of the highly successful Bleach anime, has done a very high quality in terms of
music. I also have to admit that every opening and closing music has a
different beauty.

Bleach has reached
the 16th season and 366th episodes. Manga’s reached up to 566th section. Bleach
by Tite Kubo is not just manga and anime. OVAs, movies and video games are also
available. Memories in the Rain and The Sealed Sword Frenzy have two OVAs
released. There are four different anime movies in total; Bleach the Movie:
Bleach the Movie 2: Bleach the Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion, Bleach the
Movie 3: Fade to Black and Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse.

If you think that
Rukia or Ichigo is alone and that the event is only based on hollow, then you
are very wrong. There are other Shinigami’s who devote themselves to the
destruction of evil spirits but also have some problems among themselves. They
all live in Soul Society. Some hunt the evil spirits in their own way and live
in the world of Ichigo far away from the Soul Society. Once you start
animating, each puzzle piece will slowly settle. So be comfortable.

Soul Society also has
some problems in itself, or you actually have different teams, it is more
accurate to say. Each one has a captain, and this captain is not the kind of
shinigami to be taken lightly. The powers they possess and the weapons have
their own characteristics.

Outside the hollow
and shinigamis; arrancars, espadas and many other interesting assets constitute
the subject of Bleach. Therefore, let me state that anime / manganese is not
limited to a single subject. The biggest downside is the over filling section.
After a while, you can get bored and leave the animate, because if you wish,
you can go on a lot of adventurous parts, or you can watch the stuffing

In short, Bleach is a
very successful anime and manga where you can enjoy watching and reading. You
can see events you never expected, or you can see how incredibly powerful
characters have fallen into the darkness they have.

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Hunter x Hunter New Tab for Google Chrome

Monsters, unknown
lands, all kinds of fantastic animals and a world of different creatures. Many
parts of the earth have not been explored. Many species are unknown. Therefore,
this world environment has revealed a different profession: HUNTING

Gon is a 12-year-old boy who grew up on Whale Island and never left the island. He was left by his father to his grandmother and aunt (actually his father’s cousin) when he was a little baby, and he grew up there. Finding out that his father is a great hunter, Gon is also a hunter and wants to meet his father. Hunting is a class profession in this world, and those who want to be a hunter with a number of exams organized by a major hunting committee are given this title.


Gon wants to
participate in this series of exams once a year. However, he was obliged by
aunt to catch a rare fish. And in the first part of our hero catches this fish
permission to take the hunting exam. It leaves the island.

The continuation of
the subject is not the first season of the anime animations:

When hunting, do not
come to mind the animals, treasure, such as the ordinary things. You can see
almost every kind of hunter in the anima. Bounty hunters, gourmet hunters,
archaeological hunters that Gon’s father is an archaeological hunter, rare
hunters, especially hunters hunting hunters, this a crazy world.

In addition, we have
a nen event. In short, a kind of spiritual technique for transforming and using
the spiritual energy in the body. I didn’t want to add comments immediately,
but this is one of my favorite things to do with anime: We don’t see this nen
event in the first arc. Something’s happening. Yeah. But we don’t understand
what happened. What is Nen? What is it like? We are exploring this with our
main character. In this respect, spiritual terms such as chakra, yoki, chi, chi
are very different from the previous series.

Anime consists of a
total of 7 arcs, one of which is very long and large. And if we don’t mention
the nen concept of the animate, it won’t. It’s a little complicated, but let’s
just say:

Nen’s word meaning
actually means power of will. In other words, the ability to use spiritual
energy. According to the way they use spiritual energy, their technical names
are changing. Nen concept is a more lethal technique than other series using
spiritual energy. Enough to kill people alone. Only by releasing can create
fatal pressure on the opposite person. Nen basically consists of 4 things.
Skin; It is the event of covering the whole body with spiritual energy.

Zetski; It’s going to
override the aura. So you can’t feel it when you can feel it using nen. It also
focuses on the surrounding spiritual energies when using zetsu. The basic logic
in Zetsud is to imprison spiritual energy into the body. So the power is
gathering. Rhine; It is the release of imprisoned spiritual energy. It is
important for endurance. Hatsu; It is the oscillation of ren. It is the stage
in which spiritual energy is controlled. Hatsu consists of 6 kinds of ways in
itself. The person’s calligraphy is an innate feature. A person may be born or
learning and can also predispose to other forms. This predisposition is
understood by a method called “water prophecy”.

Replicator: Nen is
the cut-off for the typical lead character whose source is unlimited. It is a
feature that increases the power of the body. The attacks of the replicators
are strong. He also indicates that Hisoka duplicators are very pure and

Diver: The soul is
the nen users who can take their energy away from the body. With the help of an
object, they can carry the soul energies away.

Manager; nen users
who can handle living and non-living things.

Converter; NEN users
who can transform the soul energy into something else. Hisoka states that they
are very murderous.

The Magician ; You
can create an item or a creature. He calls when he wants to. He destroys it
when he wants.

Specialist; nen users
who are able to do what others transferred with their innate genes. There are
very few people belonging to this group.

These six figures
show a sequence between them. Some group people are prone to show another group
of features. However, the most difficult one is. Enthusiasts and administrators
can then shift to this group.

We mentioned Gon
Freecss at first. He is the son of a very famous hunter Ging Freecss. A typical
shounen head character. Pure and good-hearted. Of course, if you think of power
as a very very talented for the age of the other shounen characters are
separated. It’s a replica. With the Kam stone paper scissors G technique he
finds in a childlike logic, he resembles Son Goku’s Kamehameha. His goal is to
find a father who is a hunter and meet him. We can say we’re some kind of
father hunter.

His name is Killua
Zoldyck. He is a median of 5 children of a famous serial killer family. He is
seen as the heir of the family because he is very talented. Stabbing and
stealing her mother ascended the house Look to the family Look at the
converter. Although she seems to be the son of Kakashi Hatake playing in
another show because she uses her white hair, quick wit and an electric nen
technique, she is our eminent side character she especially asks how girls can
be when she is an adult man.

Another aspect of HxH
that differs from other anime is its alphabet. When the world is different from
our world, it is much more plausible, realistic to use an alphabet that we do
not know in Japanese letters. Just like Elfian in the Lord of the Rings, it
makes the series more realistic.

The other way I’m
going to say is the way the characters wear. Very stylish anime HxH So
especially the accessories are very original. Hairstyles, earrings, makeup,
tattoos … Style anime.

Boruto & Naruto New Tab for Google Chrome

The Naruto series,
which first started in 2002 under the leadership of Masashi Kishimoto,
continues today with Boruto. In the series in which the script was branched
out, the story now leaves its simplicity in a huge universe as in the first
years. This time, we are facing again with a new game dedicated to the Naruto
universe, which competes with the deep-rooted fantastic series. In the seventh
console generation that we have left behind, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja
In the STORM series, Bandai Namco has eaten a lot of bread. Now, developers who
want to change the series again, a different structure, but the former series
of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker has stepped into the market.

Of course, there is not much to be said for this very early story. If you read the manga’s, you will see that they have already presented the part up to the 10th episode in the film, then moved away from the manga along with the anime series, and they showed backwards from the timeline in the film, ie when Boruto did not graduate from the academy.

I don’t know why they
did something like that. Probably at least 50-60 episodes of manga and anime
are in trouble, but those who have even watched Naruto know that 60% of these
animations consist of the sections we call the space filler.

In summary, we now
have a series of movies, called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, an anime
series with 12 episodes and a manga series of 14/15 episodes. When we examine
them one by one we realize that the first 10 episodes of the 14 episodes that
have been published as manga have already been shown to us with the film
version of the animate. The purpose of this was to introduce Boruto. So what
did we see in the film? To summarize, we have recognized the Chunin entrance,
the new ninja world, the threats and the new brat.

There was a team with
Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki and we had Konohamaru early in the day. Naruto
worked too hard, and his children couldn’t spend as much time as he used to, so
he ended up having an affair with Boruto, but at the end of the day, Boruto was
on a quest that his father might respect. In the meantime, we were learning
that Boruto’s eye was not a Byakugan, but a brand new power. But the detail was
not much given. We only understood that it was a great power, and so we were
receiving messages that Boruto could suffer in the future. Just like Uncle Ben
in Spider Man, “Great powers bring great responsibilities.”

It is pleasant to
watch Naruto and the rest of the people for the time being. Nevertheless, I can
say that these stories, which are presented as complete elephants in our body,
are like “war”. I mean, we don’t really watch the dealers, but at
least it’s something to watch. Mitsuki is increasingly suspicious about it, and
as the main story, Boruto revolves around his eyes, which he cannot prove to be
activated. Boruto somehow can see that pessimistic effect on people, bad
energy, and who is threatened by this eye. We have seen Sakura for a few
seconds in the 12-part anim.

 At some Hinata and Himawari, less than Naruto and
Shikamaru, Sai also engaged in the last time we can see them too. In general,
the sons of Shikamaru and Temari make it look like a story around Shikadai and
Boruto’s friendship. Obviously we watch more of these elephants like an
elephant, as well as the episode described after ten episodes in manga itself
did not show much depth for now.

Thor New Tab for Google Chrome

Thor is the son of
Asgard’s god, Odin, and the goddess of the globe, Gaea, and takes much of his
story from Norse mythology. The great powers that come from two different
worlds and thus have been declared as the great protector of these lands were
given to the great powers to control the lightning. Although it was given the
power of lightning control over the attractive Mjolnir, which was later beaten
by the mighty Eitri, the powerful dwarf Eitri, it was seen in many stories that
Thor had ruled meteorological events without the need for Mjolnir.

After growing up as a great god of war, and after achieving tremendous successes in his youth, Thor begins to make little cocky and unselfent behaviors, pisses off Odin’s father Odin, takes Odys’ powers from Mjolnir and sends him into exile and tells him the identity of Donald Blake in the world. Thor starts to behave like a real and occasionally weak person, who understands the value of being a human being in his new life and leaves his arrogant attitude. Along with the hammer, Donald Blake and Thor, the lightning deity who has undergone changes in two different identities, continues to live like this in the world, and joins the Avengers team as one of the protector of the planet and takes part in countless adventures.


Founded in 2008,
MARVEL Studios has an important place in the cinema universe that emerged from
Thor, the Avengers in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe continues to be a member.
In the first Avengers film, The Avengers, which co-starred with Iron Man, Captain
America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye in 2012, Thor made his feature film
debut which a year before.

The first Thor film
to the talented Northern Irish actor and director Kenneth Branagh, who was
noted for his Shakespeare adaptations, was not particularly influential among
the critics, but it brought along a good story of origin. It was a bit unfair
to find the exaggerated role of Thor because of his theatrical background, as
he used an overly theatrical and bleak language on his screen; While Chris Hemsworth
was convincing in the role of Thor, Anthony Hopkins, who was cast as Odin in
the role of Odin, was also raising the bar of the film.

Thor 2, aka Thor: The
Dark World, two years later, was given to Alan Taylor, who came to the
forefront after Kenneth Branagh, especially in the US. Taylor’s work is still
out of the style of Branagh, but he is not able to produce a good film despite
an effective villain like Malekith. Taylor’s work is still one of MCU’s worst
films. The fact that the second Thor, who did a better job at the box office
after Branagh’s waxed tongue, didn’t get much into the universe, put together a
four-year period, and in the third phase after the second phase, Thor: Ragnarok
arrived just before the road to Infinity War.

The CEO of Marvel
Studios, Kevin Feige, has been handed over to Taika Waititi, where he continues
to deliver films to unknown directors. With the story taken on Hulk, the film
was already engaging on paper. Both the Scandinavian mythology and the stink of
Ragnarok to carry the white screen, as well as the Hulk, and the story of the
Hulk, one of the best series of the Green Giant World War Hulk, the film was
already the big plus without the film. The film, in which these motifs were
interwoven in a beautiful scenario, had a great impact on the audience, but
also brought debates on the damage to Thor’s character.

Ragnarok, the most
successful Thor film at the booth with nearly $ 900 million in revenue, was
particularly remarkable for the Thor character, which drew the seriousness of
comic strips in the comic books, drawing attention with the use of art
management and color. The character of Thor, who took part in the film in
countless humor, tried to make a joke in every scene he was in, along with
Taika Waititi, underwent a big change and how this would contribute to the
universe. Even the most important characters like Hela and Surtur stayed in the
wet scenes, and the American audience was met with great admiration.

The character
development of his last film, along with a big breaking Thor, 10-year
adventure, the first point of the Avengers’s third film in Infinity War has an
extremely important place. The psychological crisis in the hands of Thor, who
lost Mjolnir in Hela’s hands during Thor Ragnarok, was described as his courage
and strength not made up of Mjolnir by his dying father Odin. e had won special
powers as foundations. The Rune King, who was the image of The Rune King and
who gained immortal power along with his legendary powers, also had the
opportunity to exhibit his mighty weapon with his new weapon Stormbreaker
against Thanos and his army. In particular, his own trilogy from time to time
showing a very poor power Thor in Infinity War in Wakanda down to the scene
among the fans as a full-fledged reputation and the character was considered to
be the biggest star of the film after Thanos.

The Marvel universe,
with its infinite potential, is considered to be the most powerful character.
The story of Thor, who is certain to have a very important place in Avengers 4,
whose name is still going to be released a year later, may be the story of the
film. Jane Foster, who lost Mjolnir in the current comic book universe and
deserves to be worthy of the Thor hammer, also gave the name Thor, the
lightning god, has been in the universe for some time, away from his forces and
his weapon. As an extension of this situation, the possibility of a dramatic
ending in the fourth film is very high and it will continue to be one of the
most important characters of the comic universe for a long time.

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Iron- Man New Tab for Google Chrome

Iron Man is a
character created by Stan Lee and his brother, Larry Lieber, who began his
career in the comic book world with Tales of Suspense # 39 in 1963. At first,
he was an anti-communist hero and fought with Vietnamese agents, but Lee would
later regret his decision. Iron Man stories were first enriched by Tony Stark’s
personal traumas, though he did a lot of American propaganda using the theme of
national defense. To get to know the character completely, first of all, we
have to look at the period in which the character was created.

Tony Stark has everything that is disgusted at that time; a capitalist, weapons producer, army supporter, industrial expert, and also very rich. The kind of character that we’re all going to scream at as we read it now. But Iron Man gains a lot of popularity. Why is that? He’s got the devil’s hair on him. But in a more philosophical way, I think we’re human. In the end, we are the ones who bring all of our disgusted concepts to this world, and if most of us were given power in the hands of Tony Stark, it might even be scary to think.

Tony Stark, designed
as a playboy, will always be good with women. At this point, however, Stan Lee
attributes a trait, or rather a trauma, to the character that I think is very
successful in the symbolic sense. But, like most superheroes, this is not just
psychological. Tony Stark’s heart is broken, but constantly in front of the
reader. The capitalist has everything a man can want and has no heart. No, just
don’t think in the romantic sense. This wound is important because it adds an
eccentric personality rather than tragedy to the character.

No one who lives on
the border of life and death is normal. Remember, Tony Stark isn’t crazy. But I
can’t say that I have reason. The most accurate word is the eccentric; this is
already a feature that comes true for every inventor or creative person in real
life. Anyone who sees that others cannot see cannot be expected to behave like
others. At this point, Stan Lee’s inspiration is Howard Hughes, the crazy
billionaire of his time. . He’s not crazy, he’s a Howard Hughes, Tony says.

His full name is
Anthony Edward Stark, son of Stark Industries’ founder, Howard Stark, and his
wife, Mary Stark. It’s a genius child case. At the age of 15 he entered MIT, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, and his field of study was in physics and electronics
engineering. Then her parents will be killed in a car accident, and young Tony
finds herself at the head of the company.

Tony’s misfortune
isn’t only the death of his family, but also because of a booby trap. This is
not enough, the Vietnamese commander Wong-Chu is caught by. As soon as Wong-Chu
knows his identity, the weapon forces him to do it. Wong-Chu, whose tyranny is
inflicted on us in his heart, strikes us as another prisoner, Ho Yinsen. Don’t
see Ho Yinsen as a prisoner, he is a Nobel laureate physicist and one of the
first heroes of Stark.

Yes, even the hero’s
captivity is like a “Like A Boss with his childhood hero. Anyway, Yinsen makes
a magnetic chest plate to stop Tony to save Tony. In addition, two physicists,
“We are doing weapons!” Hidden secret Stark can start to escape the
first Iron Man armor begins to build. However, during the escape, there are
certain things, they cannot control the armor and Yinsen will sacrifice his
life so that Tony can escape. Stark takes revenge on the Vietnamese by not
letting it goes. On his way back to American troops, he will encounter a
wounded fighter pilot, James Rhodes, who will be very important for him in the

The story is just
beginning here; Stark returns home and learns that he will never get rid of the
magnetic plate; it doesn’t look like a shrapnel; if the plate goes, he’ll
continue walking to his heart and kill him. He must continue to wear the plate
as a regulator and charge it every day, if not for a day, the result is death.
This affects her psychology irrevocably, as I wrote above.

Stark accepts it and
decides to become Iron Man. First he perfects the armor. He introduces Iron Man
as his personal protection to the public and makes his company a mascot (Adam
is a capitalist). In contrast, it is not unlikely that Iron Man would clash
with those who attacked Stark Industries. Tony comes running from the realm to
the rich playboy image, and no one thinks it’s Iron Man. Only three people
learn the secret (Sorceress, General and Orko, sorry, but I had to do); his
driver Harold Hogan, his secretary Pepper Potts, and Stark’s pilot James

When the side
characters are replaced, the stories will take their speed and the enemies of
Stark will emerge one by one; Communist Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo (see
Black Widow for details), Titanium Man and the Mandarin who will become their
biggest adversary.

As you will
understand, the first issue of the comic book is very anti-communist. But as
the reactions to the Vietnam War rise, Marvel gets the message and the line is
softened. Stark begins to question his political views and embarked on a
conscience account of the high-tech weapons he produced for the army. Over time
their resources are predominantly their own armor and S.H.I.E.L.D. will start
to use. But he is extremely arrogant and writes History winners! Because he is
a man of his mind, he often contradicts morally with the characters around him.

Jack Kirby designed
the armor first. In the number of exits, gray is a bulky armor that looks like
a robot, but then it is revised in the gold version, then in red and gold. The
second armor is Steve Ditko. The materials that the armor is made of course,
like most superhero costumes are imaginative and enriched with power shields.

Each armor has its
own weapons, increased force, flying systems, many communication and sensor
systems. Apart from these, they work with more than one energy source such as
solar energy. The most basic features of the armor are the repulsors in the
feet and hands, that is, the spraying rays, and the rocket system that allows
the fly in the feet. Another recognized feature is the uni-beam, which is
thrown from the chest.

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Batman New Tab for Google Chrome

businessman Bruce Wayne spends his days at parties, having fun with his
father’s money at entertainment, and tolerates the suffering of ordinary Gotham
people and the corruption and crime in the city. But there is something nobody
knows about Wayne: he is the world’s greatest detective, Batman, who gives fear
to criminals’ hearts at Gotham nights. Our hero, who is patrolling the streets
with a scary bat costume, fights crime by using his special device with
infinite money. Batman is accompanied by his assistant, Robin. It is not
necessary to introduce Batman, the most popular superhero in the world today.
Batman, who owed this situation to the films to a large extent, remained in the
shadow of Superman for a long time.

The year is 1939. The then National Comics offices are in joy as the name will change to DC Comics. The source of this happiness was recently created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The adventures of the Kryptonian hero, who was like a bomb in the world of comic books, are ravaging America. Siegel and Shuster, unconsciously invent the concept of superhero. But there is a fact that no publisher can rise on the shoulders of a single magazine.


That is why the task
given to Bob Kane from that editor was very clear. “Create a new Superman
for us!” Kane, on the other hand, wanted to make a modern adaptation of
Zorro in a modern adaptation of Johnston McCulley’s,  The Curse of Capistrano an in 1919. Although
Kane’s new hero had a costume like Superman, he wouldn’t be an alien. He wanted
to create a master who was not only aware of the world of ordinary people like
Don Diego de la Vega but who was only interested in entertaining. He thought of
it as The Bat-Man, again inspired by the fact that Zorro’s name means Fox.

This first state of
Batman is far from the character we know today. In Kane’s first sketches, the
character’s costume was dominated by red tones. He was wearing a red jacket and
red pants again in this Batman. His gloves and his famous belt were not yet.
Boots, wings and mask were black. By mask, he had adopted a domino-style mask,
like most heroic heroes, and was upset. On the other hand, instead of the cape,
Kane’s wings were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings.

Although Bob Kane,
the creator of Batman, is known today, and Batman has come out of the idea as
Bob Kane, a quirk of fate has led to the erasure of the name of Bill Finger,
who contributed to the creation of this hero as much as Kane, perhaps even
more. When he looked at Batman, he saw a much darker and more mystical
character. He wanted more of a character that would cause criminals to feel
almost supernatural. While Bob Kane imagined a modern Zorro, Bill Finger had
another classic crime fighter in mind. He was the famous hero of the famous
Falk, The Phantom.

In this way, Finger
has made many corrections to the original idea. Batman’s family to be murdered
by criminals and our hero is to fight the criminals thereafter; in fact it is
almost identical to the original Phantom’s origin story. According to Finger,
the Phantom was a good example of a mysterious heroic typing that, despite the
fact that it did not have extraordinary powers, had supernatural fears in the
hearts of criminals, and even legendary throughout the ages.

Finger then went into
costume. The aim was to make Batman a much darker character. The mask is gone
first. Instead of half hood covering the entire face came. One of the most
important contributions of Finger to Batman image is that it does not draw
eyes. Batman’s eyes are just like the Phantom. So we can never understand what
you think.

Then the colors of
the costume changed. Finger thought the costume was too bright for such a hero.
Kane thought that red and black were good. He won the debate. The reds are gone
and the costume has shades of black and gray. When he thought that the wings
would look silly during the action, Finger did not neglect to give Batman a
cloak with wings similar design. Finally, the Batman detective with the bare
hands of the planned evidence of damage to the possible evidence of disturbing
the finger our hero was added glove and Batman is a bit like the hero we know

But undoubtedly, Bill
Finger’s greatest contribution to Batman was to find his name. The name of our
hero who had to be one of Gotham’s riches had to be called a dignity. The name
Bruce Wayne is the combination of Robert the Bruce, the Scottish king who
rebelled against the British, and the family names of Anthony Wayne, the famous
American general of the colonial era. So in the American ears, the name of our
hero was both noble and ancient.

Batman, who was
finally released on the pages of the “Detective Comics # 27 man released in May
1939. This first adventure is called The Case of the Chemical Syndicate.
Batman, which has the potential to capture the spirit of the period and appeal
to a wider audience, is the second biggest success of the publishing house.

However, in this
first year, Batman was not seen as a visual and personality, and Batman we did
not know. Batman, developed by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in Detective Comics
pages by artists such as Dick Sprang and Jerry Robinson, takes about a year to
evolve. Kane first creates Batman’s famous tool belt in, Detective Comics # 29
K. In this way, as a side effect, the yellow color also joins the costume of our

In September 1939,
the reader met with the reader on the pages of “Detective Comics #
31”. Our hero starts using Batarang, a boomerang-style weapon. In time,
this weapon becomes Batman’s trademark. We’ll meet the same number of
batplanes. So the reader learns that Batman is using his own tools to move from
one place to another. As Bruce Wayne is very rich, it is reasonable to produce
or buy these tools.

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