Five Nights at Freddys


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is the most recent in family-accommodating frightfulness games adored by a great many players all over the planet. At Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex you will play as Gregory, a young man caught in the evening. The reconsidered Five Nights at Freddy’s characters are on a chase that is almost difficult to stop. With the assistance of Freddy Fazbear, Gregory should make due and beat abhorrent new dangers.

Trackers AND THEIR HUNTS – When evening rules kick in, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex determinedly seek after gatecrashers. Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, Montgomery Gator, and Pizzaplex safety officer Vanessa will try and look under each Cotton Candy Pizza Counter if necessary. So remaining in one spot for quite a while isn’t shrewd.


Adjust FOR SURVIVAL – Gain admittance to the structure’s surveillance cameras to study the climate and track down your direction through risk. Divert the consideration of the adversaries by pushing over the paint jars and toys and move away rapidly before the foes show up. Enter their concealing spots and trust that the peril will pass, or attempt to avoid the people who are after you. Play anyway you need, however be ready to adjust.

RESEARCH AND DISCOVER – Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex has different projects for visitors’ diversion: Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, Bonnie Bowl, sewers, and… What? Is it sewer? Pizzaplex is a colossal spot, so there’s a ton to investigate here.

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