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Apex Legends became so popular at the time that it almost overshadowed the important games of the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends, the free Battle Royale game that reached 1 million players as of the first day of its publication, reached 10 million players and 1 million players at the end of the week. (As of now, 25 million players and over 2 million players). Whether Merlin’s Kazan team is just free to make Apex Legends, which we play for long hours, or just some of the gameplay mechanics that they can’t do or don’t, Respawn has brought a new breath to Battle Royale. Is it possible?

The names of the
players who created the Call of Duty brand were created by Jason West and Vince
Zampella, who were formed after the release of Activision by Respawn Entertainment
Titanfall. The Respawn developer team, who is at the head of the experienced
duo in shooting game, has also reflected on Apex Legends. Titanfall themed
games, animations, hitting sensations, and even in terms of classes, the
Titanfall has a lot of traces.

Apex Legends has
similar aspects to the classic Battle Royale games, but there are also parts of
the genre. Jump from a plane (or from the bus!) To the map, try to stay in a
circle on a map that is narrowing towards a random area, run a loot, eliminate
the opponents in the final, eliminate the opponents in the circle and try to be
the last surviving person (team), Battle Royale with Apex Legends Intersection
set of type. Apex Legends’ Battle Royale type is the most fun part of the game
in my opinion.

Namely; In Apex
Legends, you start the game by choosing one of the characters called Legends. 8
characters have their own special ability, each character has 3 different
features. (Tactical, Passive and Ultimate) The characters in the game and
briefly the features are as follows;

Lifeline – Health

Bangalore – Soldier

Mirage – Hologram

Wraith – Portal

Bloodhound –
Technological Trace Driver

Gibraltar – Shield

Caustic – Toxic

Pathfinder – Rope

Currently, six of
these characters are available for free. Class distinction makes Apex Legends,
a team game-oriented Battle Royale game, played in groups of three. In groups
of three, you are jumping into the playing field with a music that brings gas
to the back. One person is the jump leader and can download the entire team on
the map. So Apex Legends wants you to play a team game in the first few
seconds. Obviously the pleasure of the game comes out when playing a team game.
In my opinion, this class system is perfectly fit for the type of Battle
Royale, in which everyone thinks in a direction and is after a loot.

Using the portal to
open the portal to the right points with Wraith, infiltrate the back of the
enemy, or use this portal to quickly change the zone, the shoot brings a tactical
touch to the game as well. Likewise, the health worker Lifeline character has
become an essential part of team play. The tactical feature of the Gibraltar
character temporarily open the shield for 15 seconds. This shield works in
critical places so that a shield character in the team can open the way to
victory. Especially before removing the friend falling on the ground before
turning the game can turn the shield. Apex Legends is a game that overrides
Overwatch. Speaking of turning a game called Done. It is possible to reverse a
friend who died in Apex Legends at the end of the tunnel. When someone dies and
takes the card over to the recycling points, you can make the deceased born
from the ashes like the phoenix bird again.

communication is very important for team play. Apex Legends developers will be
aware of this, even if you do not have a microphone connection, you can easily
communicate with your teammates using the detailed marking system. Let’s go
here, there are enemies, here you can share information to your friends, even
if you don’t have a microphone, you can mark the information here. Even your
character says the type of weapon after marking. Not only that, when you are
away from your friends or outside the circle, your character speaks and warns
us that we are too far away from each other, or we are outside the circle.
Details like this prove that Respawn has a head on the Apex Legends. The
expectations of the players are analyzed well.

The mechanics we
didn’t encounter in the Battle Royale games brought a new breath to the genre.
The producer did not exploit the popular type, but tried to put something on
it. New gameplay mechanics has managed to increase the excitement. This is a
respectable act. Just trying to resurrect your dead friend has been an
innovative game mechanics that adds a new level of excitement to the game that
works well.

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