Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Battle pipelines take, ravens collect. The civil battle wears down a significant kingdom. New kingdoms rise beyond boundaries. Put on your sword, put on your armor, gather your men as well as go on the combat zones of Calradia to win splendor. Construct your domination and create a brand-new globe from the ashes of the old.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the very anticipated sequel to the medieval battle simulation and parlor game, Mount & Blade: Warband. It covers the comprehensive combat system and the globe of Calradia, more than 200 years earlier. Pillage shelters in the hills, build secret crime empires in the back streets of cities, or plunge into the war turmoil in your power struggle.

Technique/ Activity RPG

Discover the huge Calradian continent, raid and find opponents along your method. Elevate your own military and also take it to war; While regulating your soldiers on the one hand, on the other hand, dive into the heart of the action and also combat the opponent.

Single Gamer Sandbox Map
Play the game as you want! Attract your very own course to power in a dynamic sandbox adventure where no gameplay coincides.

Comprehensive Personality Development and Advancement System
Create and establish your character that matches your style of play. Enhance abilities by performing jobs as you access the attributes that represent your mastery.

Practical Economy
See the goods available in a substitute feudal economic situation with a changing rate, from incense to battle steeds, where the cost of almost every little thing rises and fall according to provide and also require. Usage anarchy in your own support as the first to bring grain to a city that battles cravings after the siege or by reopening a campers course reduced by bandits.

Multiplayer Video Game Modes
Examine your tactical skills and dealing with skills against gamers from around the globe in various multiplayer settings, from small-scale altercations to legendary battles including numerous gamers.

Skill Based Directional Battling System
Defeat your opponents by utilizing the deep and instinctive combat system, which is simple to discover but difficult to master.

Impressive Battles
Go down to the field of battle and experience the cruelty of middle ages battles on the screen, like numerous troops, each with its very own in-depth artificial intelligence, like your own eye or a pineal eye.

Comprehensive Modulability
Adapt the game to experience a completely distinct adventure that you have actually prepared. Mount & Blade II: The game engine and also devices used to create Bannerlord are accessible to our neighborhood, so modern designers can reinterpret Calradia or produce their very own distinct world!

The Eng version of this game is not yet offered. The translation is planned to be loaded in the future.

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