Pou New Tab for Google Chrome

The once-messed online infant fierceness is now on the mobile system. Similar to a real pet, our charming little unusual called Pou requires us. When you’re starving, we require to feed you, consume it when it gets sick, have a shower when it obtains filthy. Additionally, when we eat excessive fat has been successful in terms of realistic look. We have a lab, a game room, a room, a living room, a cooking area as well as a washroom. There is a crucial detail here. When we intend to give our good friend Pou to the lab room, we have to get him to the bed room if we wish to calm him. In other words, we can’t do this in the bed room when we intend to provide medication.

Pou’s food, wellness, amusement and energy has 4 different functions. We look at our unusual good friend called Pou and play with each other and also develop these functions. The video game also has a degree system. As you level up, our alien good friend Pou is expanding.

The manufacturer has integrated 32 mini-games right into the video game, thinking that the video game will just be squeezed when it includes considering our unusual buddy, simply Pou. In this mini-game, there are preferred video games like tic tac toe, jet Pou (flappy bird) as well as hill climb (hill climb auto racing). We can play just Tic Tac Pou as well as Four Pou’s video games with our friends.

There are different accessories, garments, foods and medicines that are unique to Pou. We can likewise change the color of our soap from the layout of our space. As you can see, the store has a wide variety. You can buy products such as hats, hair, mustaches, balls, soap from the store with the gold you have actually gathered. As you can see aware, this area can alter the store and the background. You can acquire various different dishes. You can delight in Pou with basketball spheres as well as footballs. You need to acquire gold coins. You can make or get gold as you level up. The game is free in the android market, yet you need to pay some charge on iTunes.

I intend we don’t assume we’re as well mistaken to say that Windows Phone individuals have a great deal of application assistance. After the elimination of third-party Snapchat applications from the Windows Phone Shop lately, we now have some information that will make the customers pleased.

Pou, among the most preferred video games on android, iOS as well as BlackBerry systems, is the future of Windows Phone. Only the Android platform has greater than 100 million downloads, lastly Windows Phone users can play. Simply put, Pou is an extremely creative as well as enjoyable virtual infant game.

Although Pou is in fact a little a character. We called him the digital child since the sounding bit didn’t sound excellent. You can give the name you want to wear your digital child as you like, you can wash and play video games with him to ensure that he does not get burnt out. In other words, Pou, that might become a virtual close friend, will certainly quickly remain in the Windows Phone Shop Pou additionally aims to have an online pet dog and you play it via various video games. You also need to ensure that you rest all right, or your family pet is not properly created.

By playing video games you can likewise open different attributes in the game by raising money. A great aspect of the video game is that you can play with your good friends using Wi Fi or BlueTooth. For Pou, they offer 1500 coins (in-game cash) these days as a Christmas Present by the makers.



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