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tumblr. The exuberant corner of pure internet culture. Sophisticated experience. An ecosystem where you post what you do, share what you love, and have memes, texts, music and tweets. Post pictures of your pet snake, check out amazing memes, find other fans, combine reality with your mood. Contribute or enjoy by swiping.

Now consider all of the above in action. That’s it. Watch as this community grows, driven by ideas, aesthetics and initiatives rather than individuals. Come as you are, pursue what brought you to the board. The rest will be like pulling a bristle out of butter. Watch how your likes and reblogs embellish your feed while your posts equip your followers’ feed.

What about the algorithm? Every video you find, every quote you reblog, every hashtag you choose, every waterfall GIF you gaze into the distance… They all mean you. You are the explorer. We are just a map that you all create together. Go wherever you want.

Whether you’re a totally innocent person looking for dotted diary images shot in natural light, a novice puppy owner who needs a boost, or take a break from your knitting blog with the urge to collect marine biology memes. You can find everything you are looking for. welcome home. Welcome to the weird. Worth it.

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